Computer listing and summary of new EMS-induced mutants and variants

The maize genetics group here has been rapidly computerizing its word-processing and data management using a Helix 6809 computer and many purchased and in-house programs. A large data base listing all previous mutants maintained by M. G. Neuffer and associates is on the system. Two data sets are being compiled to summarize three years of characterization of a new set of EMS-induced variants (see above article). One data set lists the more unusual kernel variants, their segregations and other information. Collapsed, empty, defective-crown and many other variants which are very common on M1 ears are listed only in the original data book. Kernel variants are numerous-over 5000 ears have been examined and 7 su1 alleles have been found. Nine more variants like su1 are being tested for allelism. There are over 100 viviparous variants (9 loci?), 28 like ae or su2 (2-3 loci), and 53 like bt or sh (4-5 loci), all needing allelism tests. Thus it seems we have gotten about 1 mutant per locus per 500 M1 plants!

The other data set lists family, segregation and other information from the last three seasons for most of the plant, pigment, and inflorescence variants being studied. Subsets of this information, sorted by any column, are easy to obtain.

Robert McK. Bird

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