Mosaic tassels in iojap progeny

Of more than 500 plants examined in the winter corn nursery at Homestead, Florida, 3 individual plants were found that appeared to have mosaic tassels with distinct fertile and sterile sectors. The individuals were among progeny of F2 plants expressing the iojap phenotype crossed with the inbred W182BN. The F2 plants originated from crosses of iojap males onto non-restoring inbreds. Sectors of these tassels appeared fully fertile, producing viable pollen. Anthers were either not exserted on sterile sectors or exserted anthers were small and flat and did not produce viable pollen. These individuals were crossed by the inbred W182BN which maintains most known cytoplasmic steriles. Fertility levels of the resulting progeny will be studied. Any cytoplasmic male sterile individuals found will be further characterized by genetic studies. We feel that these plants may give rise to additional cytosteriles similar to those reported earlier from iojap sources (MNL 58:102-103).

C. A. Lemke, V. E. Gracen and H. L. Everett

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