During 1984 there were 172 seed requests and 2104 seed packets were sent. This was once again the highest figure ever. Domestic requests amounted to 142 for 1618 packets while there were 30 foreign requests for 486 packets.

The estimated uses of the seed were distributed among the following categories:

Geneticists 57%

Physiologists 13%

Breeders 8%

Educators 7%

Genetic Engineers 15%

In 1984 we were able to complete the transfer of the entire inventory onto the computer. We have upgraded the hard disk to 44 megabytes that enables us to keep the records on line at all times.

We were able to get the first crosses completed this summer in the program to convert selected pairs of markers into the inbreds which were discussed in the March 1984 meeting.

Dr. Nina Fedoroff was kind enough to supply the Coop with some of her materials which we are in the process of increasing so that they can be added to the stock list as soon as possible. Similarly, Dr. Jack Beckett has provided several new B-A translocations that we are increasing.

We have added a series of stock numbers which will make the administrative handling of requests a bit easier. When you make a request please use this format:

702B o2 v5 ra gl Prefer v5 and ra homozyg.

The following listing shows the stocks that are available. Translocation stocks remain as listed in the 1981 News Letter.

Requests for seed and information should be sent to:

Dr. Gilbert B. Fletcher

Department of Agronomy

University of Illinois

S-123 Turner Hall

1102 S. Goodwin Ave

Urbana, IL 61801

Phone (217) 333-9644

Lab (217) 333-6631

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