(r refers to numbered references in the list of Recent Maize Publications)


Adh1-S3034, Mu1 sequence 1367bp, 9bp direct insertion repeats; inverted terminal repeats 215, 213bp; two internal direct repeats, 104bp, and 4 ORFs, 2 in each strand, symmetrically distributed in halves --Barker &, r24

Adh1-S3034 vs. progenitor, Adh1-S: Mu1 insertion in intron-1 73bp down from its 5' junction, associated with a 9bp direct duplication of intron sequence --Bennetzen &, r32

Adh1 allele -CroF (fast) cDNA clone sequence, 1592bp, vs. -S genomic sequence having 9 introns, promoters; vs. alleles -F, -FkF, -FkF, -gamma25, -PrF, -78F, -33F, -Ct, -FCm, and -S5657, -F63, -F207 (3 CRM- nulls, EMS-induced) --Dennis &, r97

Adh1-5 allele; Mdh4-8.2, -8.7, -9, -10, -10.5, -12, -12-, -14, -14.7, -15.5 alleles; Mmm-m, -m1 alleles; Pgm1-12 allele; Phi1-1, -1.7, -3.5, -4.5, -8 alleles --Doebley &, r104; Smith &, r439

Adh1 restriction map with insertions in alleles -Fm335 (Ds), -S5446 (Bs1), -S3034 (Mu1), -S4477 (Mu1), -S4478 (Mu1), -2F11 (Ds) --Freeling, r132

Mp transpositions proximal to P1 occur only beyond 4 units from P1; distal mostly closer, decreasing with distance --Greenblatt, r150

Adh1 stable mutants -S5657, -S664, -S1015, -S719, -S1108, -S96, -S3020, -S3034a, -F460, -F207, -FkFgamma25 compared in mRNA length, CRM, genomic restriction map --Hake &, r159

K1L1, K1S2 location, distribution --Kato, r204

Adh1-S5446, -S5453 alleles arose in BSMV-infected plants, both unstable; -S5446 contains 3.3kb insertion --Mottinger &, r312

Adh1-Fm335, Ds-induced, restriction maps vs. Adh1-F progenitor, two revertants, and Adh1-S --Sutton &, r468

Oleic-linoleic ratio association, wx T1-9c vs. inbred X-187 --Widstrom &, r520

Monosome-1 plants delayed in flowering --Weber, r510

Adh1-Usv allele from regenerated tissue culture, from -S allele in -F/-S --Brettell &, 59:24

Adh1-2F11: Ds-2F11 insert in 4th exon sequenced; 1319bp, of which 600 on left and 300 on right show high homology to Ac --Merckelbach &, 59:33

Dia2 (diaphorase, cytosolic, dimeric) on 1L --Wendel &, 59:87

dek22 (was cp*-E1113A) designated; on 1L --Sheridan &, 59:104


K2L1, K2S1 location, distribution --Kato, r204

Monosome-2 plants delayed flowering, indehiscent; 16.8% plump pollen --Weber, r510

v*-350, v*-424, v*-576A, v*-588A (virescents with developmentally conditional hcf) are allelic --Polacco, 59:38

Dia1 (diaphorase, cytosolic, monomeric) on 2S --Wendel &, 59:87

w3 - 43 - o*-1195A; v4 - 37 - fl*-1316A; v4 - 36 - pgspt*-579B; w3 - 46 - ogm*-1499B --McCormick &, 59:91

dek23 (was dcr*-E1428) designated; on 2L --Sheridan &, 59:104


E8-1, -2, -2.5, -7, -8, -9 alleles; Got1-3.8, -4.5, -4.7, -5.8, -6.2, -7, -7*, -8 alleles; Mdh3-7.3, -11.5, -17.2 alleles; Pgd2-8, -10 alleles --Doebley &, r104; Smith &, r439

K3L1, K3S1 location, distribution --Kato, r204

Monosome-3 plants delayed flowering --Weber, r510

vp1 uncovered by TB-3La, d, g, h; not by TB-3Lc, i, j, k, l, m; vp1-c821708 and vp1-m451 (Cy-responsive) colorless dormant alleles --Scheffler &, 59:3,4

brn1 uncovered by TB-3Sb --Stinard, 59:7

a1-Mum1, -Mum2, -Mum3 alleles Mu-generated --Robertson, 59:10

a1-m1-5719A state (medium dark) contains 400bp I insert; a1-m1-6078 (colorless), 2.2kb insert --Berndtgen &, 59:34

hcf19 uncovered by TB-3La --Polacco, 59:38

Tests with TB-3L a f g d i c h k l m

pm1 pm1 pm1 + + + + + +

ba1 ba1 ba1 ba1 ba1 ba1 +

na1 na1 na1 na1 na1 + + --Beckett, 59:39

vp1 - 42 - a1; gl6 - 8 - vp1 --Dooner, 59:85

d1 - 17 - cl1; cl1 - 5 - Lg3 --Poethig, 59:86

E8 - 30 - d1 - 13 - cl1 --Sorrentino &, 59:86

Hex1 (hexokinase, cytosolic) uncovered by TB-3Sb; Tpi4 (triose phosphate isomerase, cytosolic, dimeric); E8 - 24 - Hex1 - 17 - Tpi4 - 10 - Pgd2 - 41 - Mdh3 --Wendel &, 59:88

d*-E339 and d*-E446 are allelic to d1 --Poethig, 59:108


K4L1, K4S2 location, distribution --Kato, r204

TB-4Sa (B breakpoint at junction of prox. euchr. and 1st heterochr. segment), recombination in hypoploids: - 32.6 - gl3 female, - 40.1 - gl3 male; - 9.0 - gl4 female, - 19.3 - gl4 male --Robertson, r388

Monosome-4 plants typically retain tassel within leaf whorl, delayed flowering; 40.2% plump pollen --Weber, r510

Oleic-linoleic ratio association, wx T4-9b vs. inbred X-187 --Widstrom &, r520

Krn4 (kernel row number) association with Asr1 --Miranda &, 59:23

o1 - 38.2+4.8 - Ga1-S --Miranda &, 59:24

Aco1 (aconitase, cytosolic?, monomeric) probably on 4S --Wendel &, 59:90

o1 - 45 - dcr*-1005A --McCormick &, 59:91

Zein IEF band 22, 22.5kd (22-22.5), and 22-19.6 are lost with Df in Dp-Df of T4-10f (4L.94, 10L.14), and 53-19.6 and 10-19.6 are linked with them; 28-22.5 and 33.5-22.5 are linked and on 4; 21.5-22.5, 21.5-19.6 and 53-19.6 are on 4L; 10-19.6 is linked to 22-22.5 and 22-19.6 --Ottoboni &, 59:99



Got2-3, -7, -10 alleles; Got3-n, -2, -6 alleles; Mdh5-7.7, -8, -13, -14, -14.4, -16.7 alleles; Pgm2-n, -0.3 alleles --Doebley &, r104; Smith &, r439

K5L1, K5S1 location, distribution --Kato, r204

TB-5La hypoploids: a2 - 4.4 - female, a2 - 18.9 - male; bt1 - 0.2 - female, bt1 - 3.6 - male --Robertson, r388

Oleic-linoleic acid ratio association, wx T5-9a vs. inbred GE82 --Widstrom &, r520

TB-5Ld uncovers bv1, ae1, pr1, lw2, gl8, but not bt1, td1 --Beckett, 59:39

Hsf1 (was Hsf*-1595; hairy-sheath frayed) - 39 - T5-9cwx; - 15 - T5-9a wx; Hsf*-1603 - 4 - T5-9a wx--Bird &, 59:42


rDNA gene number in 16 genotypes, ranging from 5000 to 23,000 per 2C; no obvious relation with rRNA content --Buescher &, r57

Enp1-1, -4, -6, -7, -8, -9, -10, -12, -14 alleles; Idh2-2.5, -3.8, -5, -5.5, -8 alleles; Mdh2-.02, -.25, -.31,

-.35, -4, -4m, -5m, -5.8, -7.5, -7.7, -8.5, -9.3 alleles; Pgd1-0.5, -1.8, -9, -12, -14 alleles --Doebley &, r104; Smith &, r439

K6L1, K6L2, K6L3 location, distribution --Kato, r204

rDNA restriction pattern alterations in tripsacoid maize (one instance a new SphI site in spacer between 26S and 17S) --Lin &, r254

rDNA17S base sequence --Messing &, r291

Monosome-6 plants have shortened internodes, upright leaves, delayed flowering; 46.9% plump pollen --Weber, r510

Hex2 (hexokinase, cytosolic, monomeric); Pgd1 - 3 - Enp1 - 29 - Pl1 - 13 - Hex2 - 43 - Idh2 - 2 - Mdh2; TB-6Lc uncovers Enp1, Hex2, Idh2, Mdh2 but not Pgd1 --Wendel &, 59:89


K7L1, K7S location, distribution --Kato, r204

Monosome-7 plants have soft, wrinkled, thin leaves, delayed flowering; 37.0% plump pollen --Weber, r510

Leaf Freckles and Wilt (LFW) (Goss's Wilt) R/S association with wx T7-9a, T7-9b in inbred M14 (R) vs. A632 (S) --Rocheford &, 59:57

yel*-7748 is about 30 units to the right of gl1 --Whalen, 59:109


Mdh1-0.3, -0.9, -2.8, -3.2, -4, -8.5 alleles --Doebley &, r104; Smith &, r439

K8L1, K8L2 location, distribution --Kato, r204

Monosome-8 plants have narrow leaves, slender stalks, delayed flowering; 25.8% plump pollen --Weber, r510

Sdw1 (was Sdw*-1592; semi-dwarf) - 22 - T8-9d wx; - 8 - T8-9(6673) wx --Bird &, 59:42

Tpi3 (triose phosphate isomerase, cytosolic, monomeric) on 8? --Wendel &, 59:90

Uncovered by TB-8Lc: cp*-1387A, cp*-1392A, cp*-1405A, crp*-1533, de*-1386A, de*-1897, o*-1214A, o*-1383, ppg*-199B, rgh*-1285, sh*-1530, v*-7B, v*-25, v*-29B, v*-358C, v*-779A, v*-826, wl*-203A, wl*-1982, wl*-1985, but not ub*-76C; allelic to pro1: crp*-1058, crp*-1121, rgh*-1154A, cp*-1528 --Neuffer, 59:109


wx-m7, Ac: 4.3kb, 2.5kb upstream from wx-m9 and indistinguishable from it by restriction analysis --Behrens &, r30

Acp1-0.05, -0.1, -0.2, -2.5, -5 alleles --Doebley &, r104; Smith &, r439

sh1-m5933 contains 30kb Ds insertion; 4.2kb sequenced at its 3' end contains 2 identical 2040bp segments, reversed, with one inserted in the other (double Ds); 11bp inverted terminal repeats, an 8bp direct insertion repeat, other internal repeats; one sizeable ORF --Doring &, r107

Sh1 progenitor, sh1-m6233, sh1-m5933 (and 6 Sh revertants from it), sh1-m6258, sh1-m6795 compared in restriction maps --Fedoroff &, r124

bz1-m2 Ac-containing fragment isolated by homology to Ac9; adjacent segment isolated from genomic Bz-r DNA, as a probe on a Bz revertant from bz1-m2, yields insertion-free fragment, and on sh1-bz1-x2 and sh1-bz1-x3 no fragment --Fedoroff &, r120

K9L2, K9S location, distribution --Kato, r204

sh1-5582 (unst.), -5584 (unst.), -5586 (unst.), -5588, -5592, -5594 (unst.), -5596 (unst.) alleles and bz1-5598 arose in AR strains; alterations in restriction maps --Mottinger &, r311

wx-m9: Ac9 base sequence 4563bp with imperfect 11bp terminal repeat; two ORFs (839, 210 aa's), the larger being altered in a derivative, Ds9; comparisons to several other Ds isolates and revertants; Ac9 base sequence corrections reveal 9 ORFs, of which one (D3) is altered in Ds9 --Pohlman &, r364, r365

TB-9Sb (B breakpoint prob. in 1st heterochr. segment), recombination in hypoploids: - 0.2 - wx1 female, - 0.7 - wx1 male; - 11.7 - v1 female, - 29.5 - v1 male; TB-9La (B breakpoint prob. in 3d heterochr. segment) hypoploids: sh1 - 32.3 - female, sh1 - 46.0 - male --Robertson, r388

wx1-m8 Spm-I8 insertion 2kb in transcribed region, 3bp target site duplication, 13bp inverted terminal repeats, excised in presence of En; other multiple insertions; restriction map --Schwarz-Sommer &, r414

Monosome-9 plants have narrow, stiff leaves, anthesis not notably delayed; 3.4% plump pollen --Weber, r510

sh1-m6233 Ds insertion, 4kb, consists of 2 identical 2kb elements, one inserted in the other, identical to double Ds in sh1-m5933; 8bp insertion duplication; restriction map and partial sequence; revertant retains a 6bp duplication --Weck &, r511

C1-I-m836976 En-mediated, from C1-I; c1-sh1-836882 En-mediated, from C1-I Sh1; c1-836957 from C1-I; wx1-84-4 (contains En-1) and wx1-84-11 En-mediated; C1-m(r) allele, Uq-responsive; c1-m804531 allele, Uq-controlled --Peterson, 59:2,3

bz1-n(rcy)-sh1-835211w, -835211x-1 from bz1-rcy Sh1; bz1-rcy824325w, 812215 from bz1-m805137 (Cy-mediated) --Schnable &, 59:6

Sh1 genomic sequence vs. cDNA: restriction map and 16-exon structure, TATTTATT box to AATAAA --Werr &, 59:32

Ac7 from wx-m7 and Ac9 from wx-m9, base sequences identical; 3 ORFs (2 coding candidates)--Muller-Neumann &, 59:33

wx1-844 En insert is 8.4kb, in an intron; wx1-m8 Spm-I8 insert is 2.2kb in an exon and has 1kb and 1.2kb of ends of En1 --Berndtgen &, 59:34

TB-9Sb uncovers ba*-s, l6, yg*-5588, but not w*-6-10b or w*-034-5; l6 and yg*-5588 and w*-s9000 not allelic to wd; yg*-5588 not allelic to l7; TB-9Lc uncovers v*-8587, w*-8889, yel*-034-16, wlv*-EM53, wl*-EM41, v*-MS61, rghd*, dek13, fdt*, cp*-1381, de*-1409, but not w*-6-10a or w*-034-5; TB-9La uncovers w*-8950; w*-s9000 not allelic to pg12 or ar1; wlv*-EM53 not allelic to pg12, ar1, or v1; w*-8950 not allelic to v1 --Coe, 59:40

Les*-2005 (lesion) - 0 - T8-9(6673) wx; - 0 - T1-9(4995) wx; - 8 - T7-9a wx; - 11 - T1-9(8389) wx; - 7 - T4-9g wx; - 0 - T4-9b wx; - 3 - T6-9a wx --Bird &, 59:42

sh1-5586, -5588 alleles arose in AR stocks; plump seed segregation suggests sh1 with Inh1 (inhibitor of minor sucrose synthetase) has shrunken endosperm, sh1 inh1 plump --Mottinger, 59:56

Acp1 (acid phosphatase; supplants Ap1, Ap2, Ap3) on 9 --Wendel &, 59:90

d*-660B is allelic to d3 --Nelson, 59:109


Zp22/2 (zein IEF band 2, 22kd, presence/absence): dosage-dependent in trisome-10 tests, 0 recombinants with o7 in 122 BC progeny --Binelli &, r38

Glu1-1.2, -1.5, -1.8, -3.5, -4.5, -7.2, -7.5, -7.8, -8, -11, -12 alleles --Doebley &, r104; Smith &, r439

K10L1, K10L2 location, distribution --Kato, r204

R1-st element I-R transposes frequently to near sites, modifies R1-st expression; deletions arise by apparent unequal crossing over between I-R and Mst; alleles r-g:nc3-5, r-g:Sd, r-g:e; r-r:n19, r-r:n35, r-r:n101,

r-r:W22, R-g:1, R-g:8pale; deletions r-g:de4-128, r-g:de4-137, r-g:de4-139, r-g:de4-142, r-x1 --Williams &, r524; Kermicle, r208

TB-10Sc hypoploids: - 27.2 - r1 female, - 43.1 - r1 male; - 0.0 - bf2 female, - 2.0 - bf2 male; TB-10La (B breakpoint at junction of prox. euchr. and 1st heterochr. segment) hypoploids: oy1 - 21.7 - female, oy1 - 29.1 - male; bf2 - 6.8 - female, bf2 - 14.6 - male; y9 - 11.5 - female, y9 - 20.9 - male --Robertson, r388

Monosome-10 plants have delayed flowering; 43.9% plump pollen --Weber, r510

r1-ch(Hopi) allele, - 2.3 - o7; Sn1 (red scutellar node) 1-2 units distal to r1 --Gavazzi &, 59:79

Sad1 (shikimate dehydrogenase, plastidial, monomeric) on 10 --Wendel &, 59:88

Zein IEF band 41, 14.3kd (41-14.3), and 49-19.6 are included in duplication of 10L in Dp-Df from T4-10f (4L.94, 10L.14) --Ottoboni &, 59:99

l1 is not expressed in sr2 plants hemizygous for the R1 to Lc interval --Kermicle, 59:110


Cat3-5.5, -6, -9+, -9.5, -10, -10.5 alleles --Doebley &, r104; Smith &, r439

Cg2: independent of ra2, and of bm2, lg1, su1, y1, gl1, j1, wx1, g1; unstable, mutates to normals that revert --Lysikov &, r261

Lfy1 (leafy): Dominant, increased number of leaves --Shaver, r425

Lmc1, Lmc2 (long mesocotyl) linked, 6-12% recombination --Miranda &, 59:23

ms22-A632A, ms23-A619B (allelic to ms*-Bear7), ms24-LT designated & characterized --West &, 59:87

Aco2 (aconitase, mitochondrial?), Aco3 (mitochondrial), Aco4 (mitochondrial?, monomeric); Adk1 (adenylate kinase, plastidial, monomeric); Tpi1 (triose phosphate isomerase, plastidial, dimeric); Tpi2 (plastidial, dimeric) --Wendel &, 59:87

Mu-L element (1.7kbp) contains 300bp not present in Mu-1; Mu-S1 (1.0kbp); Mu-S2 (800bp) and Mu-S3 (650bp) lack the terminal repeats --Taylor &, 59:96

ora2-15, allelic to ora2-13 --Dollinger, 59:104


LS 5' end, only the 2d of 2 met-ser coding sites (18bp apart) initiates translation, with tRNA1-ser --Bloom &, r43

Putative 16SrRNA binding site sequences for rp-S4 (ribosomal protein S4), rcL (LS), cf1B (coupling factor beta), cf1E (epsilon), 1.6kb transcript, and 4 unidentified ORFs; map including previous localizations and ORFs and PGs (photogenes) --Bogorad &, r44, r45

tRNA2ile base sequence with intron --Burkard &, r58

LS mRNAs, 1.6 and 1.8 kb, 238 nucleotides different at 5' terminus; ratio condition-dependent --Crossland &, r87

tRNA tV-UAC (val) base sequence with intron; tS-UGA (ser) base sequence --Krebbers &, r223

rDNA homology to rDNA probe from E. coli --Stern &, r453

Homologies between ctDNA and mtDNA sequences --Stern &, r455

tRNA arg1, ile1, leu3, lys, met1, ser1, ser2, asn2, asp, thr1, tyr, pro, trp map locations --Weil &, r512, r513


rDNA18S: nucleotide sequence, comparison to ct-rRNA16S & nuclear rRNA17S --Chao &, r71

rDNA26S base sequence; 3546 bases; comparison with maize ct 23S rDNA, human mt 16S rDNA, yeast mt 21S rDNA, yeast nuclear 25S rDNA --Dale &, r89

COB (apocytochrome b gene) base sequence: 1164bp, no introns; preceded by sequence 5'-AGTTGTCA (potential ribosome binding site) --Dawson &, r93

COII (cytochrome oxidase subunit II; was mox1), 780bp, one intron; no introns in COI (1581bp) --Leaver &, r241

mtDNA from normal main genome: One S1-hybridizing region lacks the S1 end regions, and an S2-hybridizing region lacks one S2 end; homologies to R1 and R2 are greater --Levings &, r249

Sequences in main genome homologous to S1 and S2 are flanked by common sequences, sigma and psi; recombinations yield linear and internal variants of genome --Lonsdale &, r255; Schardl &, r408

Only minor, stoichiometric alterations in restriction patterns for Black Mexican kept in cell suspension cultures 4 years --McNay &, r286

Correlated changes of 8kb and 20.5kb XhoI bands in NCS2, of 20kb and 16kb XhoI bands in NCS3 --Newton, r328

Two single-stranded RNAs (2900 bases, 750 bases)of cms-S and RU cytoplasms do not hybridize to the DNA of S or R plasmids or other mtDNA, but do hybridize to dsRNA of LBN cytoplasm --Schuster &, r411

LBN (L cytoplasm in inbred W182BN) contains two double stranded RNAs, MW 1.9 and 0.5 x106) --Sisco &, r434

rDNA probe from E. coli hybridizes to ct rRNA16S sequence and mt rRNA18S, weakly with mt rRNA26S --Stern &, r453

Homologies between ctDNA and mtDNA sequences --Stern &, r455

Fertile revertants of cms-T, induced by gamma or EMS, have N restriction patterns but no 2.35kb plasmids --Vuillaume &, r502

mtRNA screening of genomic library indicates about 50kb (approx. 40 transcripts) of genome is transcribed; restriction map and location of a 1kb transcript --Walbot &, r506

Distributions, by probes (for 1.4 & 1.9 minicircular and S1/S2 minilinear DNAs) and visually (for 2.3 & 2.1 minilinear) show diversity in maizes and cytoplasms, and in teosintes, Z. perennis (ZP), Z. diploperennis (ZD); 2.1 or 2.3 in all maizes, not found in Guatemala teosinte (GT) or ZP or ZD; GT & ZP contain integrated S sequences; D1/D2 only in ZD; R1/R2 only in Racimo de Uva (RU) --Pring &, 59:49

Fertile revertant from cms-T, T4, studied more closely, shows a small deviation in the 6.6kb XHoI fragment in which other revertants show substantial rearrangements --Wise &, 59:50

2.3kbp linear plasmid termini are similar to S plasmids; homologous form in main genome of N, cms-T, C, and S --Bedinger &, 59:96

Fertile revertants from WF9 strains of cms-S types J, G and R, maternally inherited (J', G', R'), retain unchanged S1 and S2 plasmids and show diverse alterations in restriction patterns of main DNA --Ishige &, 59:98

Fertile revertants of cms-S in M825 lose S1 and S2; revertants in WF9 (5 cases), RD WF9 (4 cases) and ML WF9 (1 case) retain S1 and S2, and lose them when backcrossed to M825 --Escote &, 59:100


Knob-specific repeat probe, 180bp, hybridizes in situ to knobs in teosintes, Z. diploperennis, Tripsacum, not in Coix spp.; variants affecting single bases are common; 202bp variant in P100 and teosintes --Dennis &, r98

Cin1-homologous sequences: locations heterogeneous, disperse; restriction maps, homologies inter se, heteroduplex data for 14 clones --Gupta &, r152, r153

Zein genomic clone Z7 from W22, base sequence 1587bp including noncoding sequences; comparisons to genomic clone zA1 & cDNA clones pZ22.1 and B49 --Kridl &, r224

Zein cDNA clones cZ19A-1, cZ19B-1, cZ19B-2, gZ19AB-1, cZ19A-2, cZ19C-1, cZ19C-2, cZ19D-1, cZ22A-1, cZ22A-2, cZ22B-1, cZ22C-1, cZ15A-2, cZ15A-3; genomic clones ZG19.7, ZG19.27, ZG19.12, ZG19.30, ZG19.31, ZG19.32: restriction maps, cross-homologies --Larkins &, r236; Marks &, r272

Actin genomic clone MAc1, 2420bp sequence, 3 introns; multigene family --Shah &, r421

Cin1 base sequence, 6bp inverted terminal repeats (terminal 5 identical to copia) --Shepherd &, r427

Zein probes for MW 19 & 22kd estimate 70-80 sequences in W64A; MW 15kd probe estimates 2-3 --Wilson &, r528

Teo1, 3kb, consists of element Cin2, 1.2kb with 140bp direct repeats at the ends flanked by 3bp duplication, containing Cin3 element insertion, 1.8kb with 634bp inverted repeats flanked by 9bp duplication --Blumberg vel Spalve &, 59:35


In vitro culture aptitude (callus, roots, shoots), in diallel trial among 8 strains, shows significant heritability and high SCA, and reciprocal effects --Beckert &, r29

Blight (Bipolaris maydis (Nisik.) Shoemaker) R/S in RbU-W and DIC vs. UVE and ZPSc-58c varieties monogenic recessive and allelic --Faluyi &, r118

Ear rot (Gibberella zeae) R/S in diallel shows significant GCA --Hart &, r166

MDMV R/S in inbreds, 1 to 5 genes --Mikel &, r299; Rosenkranz &, r391

Callus growth, in diallel of 6 inbreds, showed significant GCA and SCA, and cytoplasmic effects --Nesticky &, r324

Ear fasciation in Portuguese varieties not allelic to ra1, ra2 or ra3; highly heritable, correlated with ear diameter and kernel-row numbers --Pego &, r343

Isozyme associations for 8 and 9 loci in two populations, with 20 morphological characters --Pollak &, r369

Southern Corn Rust (Puccinia polysora Underw.) resistance, homozygous in 4 populations, one or two gene models with complete, partial or no dominance; each includes factor allelic to Rpp9 or closely linked --Scott &, r417

Ear rot (Fusarium moniliforme Sheld.) R/S conditioned by pericarp genotype --Scott &, r416

Southern Corn Leaf Blight (B. maydis) race O reaction in mature plants influenced by rhm1 (seedling resistance); NC250 resistance independent of seedling resistance, additive --Thompson &, r474

European Corn Borer (Ostrinia nubilalis Hubner) leaf feeding and DIMBOA levels responsive to recurrent selection for either leaf feeding or increased DIMBOA levels in BS1 synthetic --Tseng &, r489

Oleic/linoleic levels in GE82 (high/low), X-187 (low/high), associations with wx translocations --Widstrom &, r520

Long mesocotyl, two linked factors --Miranda &, 59:23

Leaf Freckles and Wilt (LFW) (Goss's Wilt) R/S association with wx T7-9a, T7-9b in inbred M14 (R) vs. A632 (S) --Rocheford &, 59:57

Kernel hardness and kernel density negatively correlated with tryp content, but separated by selection in Puna variety --Broccoli &, 59:67

Thin pericarp of Z. perennis partly dominant over thick Gaspe, segregates from enclosed/naked --Bertoia &, 59:68

Multilayer aleurone appears in F2 from Z. perennis x Gaspe --Bertoia &, 59:69

Associations in Z. perennis x Gaspe F2 and F3 of endosperm protein content with late flowering, high tillering, distichous spikes, single female spikelets, low kernel number --Ferrari &, 59:69

Regenerability from tissue culture, for A188 x A619, significant additive effects; for A188 x B73, significant additive and dominance effects --Armstrong &, 59:92


Ligate's Corner:

If Cin is cornucopia,

to thin is cornutopia


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