En types: the weak effect of En-803920-3

Many En types, readily differentiated in tests with a-m(r) or a-m1-5719A-1, can be rescued as excision products from the a-m(Au) allele (Nowick and Peterson, 183:440, 1981). One particular En (En-803920-3) has a very weak effect in its suppressive capacity against the a-m1-5719A-1 allele. Used as a female, the coloration of the a-m1-5719A-1 allele is motley and non-uniform. As a male, this En fails to suppress a-ml-5719A-1 coloration. It would appear that the active component of this allele has a weakened capacity to suppress, and if the protein-DNA binding concept (Gierl et al., EMBO J. 4:579, 1985) is applied, it would imply a weakened binding capacity for this En product.

Peter A. Peterson

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