c2-m and c2-s alleles confirmed in 1985

In a continuing search for new independently originated c2-m alleles, several have been confirmed during the 1985 season. Their identity and minimal characterization follow:
c2-m Mutability Background Coloration  Notes
c2-m857210 + palish  
c2-m857212 + palish  
c2-m857213 + palish  
c2-m857214 (+) clear  
c2-m857229 + clear  
c2-m857244 + clear male vs. female differential
c2-m857246 + clear male vs. female differential
c2-m857263 + + clear  
c2-m857271 + + clear likely indep. control
c2-m857272 + + palish  
c2-m857273 + clear appears autonomous control
c2-m857274 + clear  
c2-m857328 + + clear  
c2-m857353 + + clear v. early and extremely late spotting
c2-m857364 + + clear  
c2-m857375 + motley  

(+) = very low freq. of spotting; + = medium low freq. of spotting; + + = higher frequency of spotting

The stables include:
c2-s857230; c2-s857231; c2-s857234; c2-s857236; c2-s857241

These mutants appeared in two populations. The two populations differed in the rate of occurrence of each of the mutants as well as the numbered type of mobile elements included. Population 2 has been noted for a high incidence of mutant types, with rates per 106 as follows:
Population c2-m c2-s
1 7.5 0
2 25.0  20

Peter A. Peterson

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