C-I, Sh and Wx mutants in a population containing En

In a search for wx-m mutants, a (C-I Sh Bz Wx/C-I Sh Bz Wx) isolation plot included the C-I, Sh, Bz and Wx alleles that would mutate from the cross x C sh bz wx (although Bz would not be uncovered in a single-event mutation). Mutants include:

Deficiencies - Based on mutant type and differential male vs. female transmission: Df-c-sh-bz-857003, Df-c-sh-bz-857164, Df-c-sh-bz-857182, Df-c-sh-bz-857183, Df-c-857177, and a deficiency distal to C, Df 9S-857078.

C-I-weak - A weakened capacity to suppress the C allele: C-I-weak857054, C-I-weak857061.

C-I unstables: C-I-m857056 (colored to colorless), C-I-m857070 (colorless to colored spots),

C-I-m857101 (colored to colorless).

sh mutants - stable: sh-857011, sh-857015.

wx mutants: wx-857027, wx-85-1.

These mutants originated from four populations, each differing in type and number of mobile elements. The incidence of the mutant types from each of the populations also differed, with rates per 106 as follows:


Peter A. Peterson

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