Ac-flow, an Ac element that conditions a flow pattern

A novel Ac, which like Ac2 (Rhoades and Dempsey, MGN 57:14), exhibits direct dosage, has been recovered from bz-rcy lines. One dose of Ac-flow is incapable of triggering Type II events at bz-m4, while two and three doses result in a flow pattern (Peterson, Genetics 54:249) of spots which are smaller in size (timing) and of greater density (frequency) than those produced by bz-m4 in the presence of four standard Ac elements. Both Ac2 and Ac-flow exhibit tissue specific expression.
  Doses of Ac-flow
Doses of bz-m4 1 2 3
1 - + ( )
2 - + ( )
3 - + ( )

- = no spots; + = spots; ( ) = not tested

Patrick S. Schnable and Peter A. Peterson

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