Developing maize breeding populations with resistance to Corynebacterium (Clavibacter) michiganense ssp. nebraskense

Increased expression of this disease has been observed with inbreeding in pop and dent maize populations. Reaction to this disease also appears to be quantitatively inherited in maize. A recurrent selection scheme that takes advantage of the enhanced expression of the disease, via rating genotypes more accurately at the inbred family level (S1 or S2), is recommended as a rapid and efficient means of developing maize breeding stocks resistant to Corynebacterium (Clavibacter) michiganense ssp. nebraskense. This approach is being utilized in the popcorn breeding program and, more recently, combined with full-sib selection in a long term selection study in dent corn.

M. A. Thomas-Compton, T. R. Rocheford and C. O. Gardner

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