Tpi4 is located near the centromere on the long arm of chromosome 3

Tpi4, one of the three genes encoding cytosolic triose phosphate isomerase isozymes, was earlier shown to be on 3L between Pgd2 (phosphogluconate dehydrogenase) and the centromere (Wendel et al., MNL 59:88). In an effort to better localize Tpi4, a series of crosses was made between Tpi4 testers and stocks carrying three B-A translocations believed to be near the centromere on 3L. The data are as follows:
Cross no. Translocation No. tested
1 TB-3La 14
2 TB-3La 14
3 TB-3La 14
4 TB-3Lf 14
5 TB-3Lf 14
6 TB-3Lg 14
7 TB-3Lg 14

No plants hypoploid for Tpi4 were recovered in any of the crosses; consequently, Tpi4 must lie proximal to translocation breakpoints and be near the centromere. This suggests a location close to Lg3 (liguleless) and Rg1 (ragged leaves) and proximal to gl6 (glossy), which is uncovered by TB-3La, - 3Lf and -3Lg. F2's and testcrosses involving Hex1 (on 3S), Lg3, and Tpi4 will be evaluated next year.

J. F. Wendel and J. B. Beckett

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