pr gl8 stock for chromosome 5

These genes are very closely linked in chromosome 5L. In 1984, ears including selfs and crosses, segregating for this combination were tested in the greenhouse. The ears appeared to have no disease, but none germinated in two trials. In a repeat trial, a few seedlings were obtained. One survived transplanting in a small 4" pot. After being transferred to a larger pot when the tassel appeared, a small ear segregating for Pr, pr and colorless aleurone was obtained from open pollination (no other corn was flowering at the time). Some of the seed was shared with Dick Whalen, and the remaining Pr and colorless classes were grown here at Minnesota. Greenhouse tests of ears from selfs and also crosses show that the pr seeds from segregating ears are also gl. Stocks are being sent to the Coop.

One reason for this account is to call attention to the fact that corn plants can be grown in very small pots, and yet will produce ears with a usable number of seeds if transferred to larger pots when they are about to tassel. A little fertilizer at the same time helps.

Chas. Burnham

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