Hydrogen peroxide treatment of seed

In order to gain a higher percentage of seed germination than experienced in the population noted above, remnant seed from the same ears was first soaked in a 1.5% solution of commercial hydrogen peroxide (a 3% solution diluted 50 percent with tap water) for 48 h before being placed on germination battens moistened with tap water for 35 days. In a population of 129 seeds only one kernel germinated its shoot only. Thus, the increase of available oxygen made no improvement. In contrast to this experience, other seeds that were dormant due to day-length treatment were induced to germinate at twice the untreated rate with a H2O2 pretreatment. With fresh seeds which are not dormant, H2O2 for 48 h increases the speed of germination; protrusion of both the root and coleoptile through the pericarp occurs in less than 48 h.

Irwin Greenblatt

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