Homozygous B-A translocation stocks

Over the last few years, we have generated 23 B-A translocation stocks in the homozygous condition. These stocks, many of which are in undefined backgrounds, are listed below:
TB-1Sb TB-4Sa TB-5Lb TB-8La TB-10L9
TB-1Lc TB-4Lc TB-6Sa TB-8Lc TB-10L19
TB-3Sb TB-4Ld TB-6Lb TB-9Sb TB-20L20
TB-3La TB-4Le TB-6Lc TB-9Sd  
TB-3Ld TB-4Lf TB-7Lb TB-10Sc  

We expect to have sufficient materials for transmittal to the Stock Center by the fall of 1986. Other B-A translocation stocks that should soon be homozygous are TB-5Sc, -7Sc, -9Lc (Wc), and several more -3L's, -4L's and -10L's.

Bryan Kindiger and J. B. Beckett

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