Large satellite on the short arm of chromosome 6

In the course of testing the Bolivian variety Pororo (my Acc 1698) for crossability with Tripsacum dactyloides, observations of root tip metaphase chromosomes showed that some plants were segregating for a conspicuously large satellite on the short arm of chromosome 6. The large satellite has been backcrossed twice to L289 to provide suitable material for pachytene studies. Small quantities of seed are available upon request.

The Pororo stock (Goodman 71-72-668) was obtained, via Robert McK. Bird, from M. M. Goodman. 71-72-668 was apparently an increase of BOV806 (WLB E-18). The large satellite reported here may be the same as that described by B. McClintock (personal communication, R. L. Phillips).

J. B. Beckett

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