An update on lesion mutants

For the past several years I have been identifying and mapping mutations whose phenotypes resemble those of the lesion mutants reported by Neuffer and Calvert (J. Hered. 66:265-270, 1975). The table lists the 16 dominant and 8 recessive mutations that have proven to be due to single dominant or recessive factors. Included in the table are the lab symbol and (where appropriate) the proposed gene symbol; whether the mutant arose in M. G. Neuffer's various EMS plots; a description of the lesion type; and any available chromosome linkage information. Three of the dominants and five of the recessives were spontaneous mutations, arising in non-EMS treated families at Missouri or supplied to us by fellow maize researchers. The remaining mutants arose following the treatment of maize pollen with EMS. Of these 24 mutants, 15 have been located to chromosome or chromosome arm and 7 have further linkage information available. None of the dominant mutants have proven to be allelic, while two pairs of alleles have been found in the recessive cases. It should be noted that several of the dominants are located on the same chromosome and allelism tests are still in progress for most of these. Until these tests are complete, only one of the mutants located on a chromosome has been given a gene symbol. Stocks segregating for all mutants given gene symbols will be sent to the Coop. Additional stocks and mutants are available from myself.

Dave Hoisington

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