Further localization of nec4 on chromosome 2S

In MNL 57:157, I reported linkage data placing nec4 approximately 4 map units from gl2 on chromosome 2S. At that time it was impossible to determine whether nec4 was proximal or distal to gl2. Additional linkage data analyzed last summer, involving nec4, d5 and B1, indicate very tight linkage of nec4 with d5 (0/142 crossovers). Therefore, nec4 appears to be proximal to gl2 and very near d5 on chromosome 2S. Linkage data for both crosses are presented here, since the actual linkage data for the cross involving nec4 and gl2 were not presented in MNL 57. All paired recombination values were determined by the maximum likelihood method.


Dave Hoisington

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