This page can only be written after the rest of the Newsletter is completed, and at this point my appreciation crystallizes. The Cooperators are the key participants in our sharing of our field books, our observations and our note books in these pages, and the reason for this cooperative openness is in the traditions among maize geneticists. Data, techniques and tidbits are here shared with each of the rest of us, with the specific understanding that the information here is not to be used in publications without the consent of the authors.

Occasional contributors transmit an item to me and use the term "published" in asking that it be included. Information presented in these pages is not "publication", and neither the content nor the writing form should be in scientific journal style or formality. Items are received and assembled with minimum editing. Text should be double-spaced so that it can be readied and retyped with greater ease. References should be minimized. Tables, figures and charts must be compact, single-spaced, and ready for direct copying by the camera. The deadline for the next issue (number 61, 1987) is January 1, 1987.

Back issues of Nos. 30 (1956) to date will be sent on request; a microfilm of Nos. 1-29 and 33 is available for $9.50 (simply send a check to Coe, made out to Maize Genetics).

Shirley Kowalewski's skillful editing and refining of the copy and the proofs have aided me greatly during preparation of this issue, along with her care in the literature compilation and in keeping the year-round office tasks in order. Mary Brazil carefully produced and refined the literature citations, and Kathy Chappell and Christopher Browne aided with assembling and other vital tasks. Yvonne Ball and Dale Kennedy's efficient and skillful help in the University's Printing Services is also appreciated.

Dave Hoisington has especially provided me consultations, advice, and ideas through the year. This is in addition to compiling data, producing the superb working maps, and generally being a resource for computerable activities (e.g., how to distinguish plasmid from plasmic from plastic from plastid). I also appreciate help with proofing from Ming-tang Chang, Greg Doyle, Craig Echt, Chang-deok Ran, and Bryan Kindiger.

This is the year to do the following:

Forward stocks of factors and combinations that are not already in the collection to the Stock Center.

Write Gil Fletcher about your experience with stocks requested; e.g., what you expected, what you received, how to improve the functioning.

Name that gene you have been keeping with an asterisk on it, and send mapping data for it and any others to next year's Newsletter.

Ed Coe

Please Note: Notes submitted to the Maize Genetics Cooperation Newsletter may be cited only with consent of the authors.

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