Acp4 is the most distal marker on chromosome 1L

Table 1 shows data from 200 testcross progeny segregating for two morphological and two isozyme markers on chromosome 1L. We conclude that Acp4 is clearly distal to bm2, thus becoming the most distal marker mapped on 1L. Previous data on recombination between Dia2 and Acp4 (J.F Wendel et al., MNL 60:109-110) also suggest that Dia2 may be distal to bm2.

Estimated map distances:

gs - 14.0 - Phi1 - 10.5 - bm2 - 15.5 - Acp4

Table 1.

P.H. Sisco, J.F. Wendel and C.W. Stuber

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