RFLP mapping of cloned genes

Through the use of restriction fragment length polymorphisms (RFLPs), an extensive genetic linkage map of the maize genome has been constructed (Helentjaris et al., PNAS 83:6035, 1986). Our most current version of the map consists of approximately 300 loci detected through the use of RFLPs. This includes 21 clones of known identity, many of which were previously unmapped as to chromosomal location. The following is a list of these identified clones, their approximate chromosomal location, and the individuals who provided them.

Once an RFLP linkage database has been established, identifying the genomic location of previously unmapped sequences can be accomplished quickly and easily. The use of unmapped as well as conventionally mapped sequences of known identity is of great utility in developing an RFLP linkage map. They establish a correlation of RFLP linkage groups to the conventional maize map and in many cases, an orientation to the chromosomal arms. Anyone who is currently generating clones of known identity and would be interested in having their genomic location determined, please feel free to contact us*.


Scott Wright, Tim Helentjaris* and Yasuhiro Kikuchi

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