Glossy seedlings - update

Testing of the unknown glossies in the Coop collection is nearing completion. Tests are still incomplete on a half-dozen items but otherwise no new glossies have been found.

Two anomalies are still under investigation. The first involves gl1 and gl7. These are on chromosome 7 and 4 respectively yet they give glossy seedlings in F1. In all tests conducted thus far they behave as functional alleles. A somewhat similar case involves gl3 and gl15. In the routine tests for allelism, involving crosses of known heterozygotes, a few cases were found in which the unknown glossy indicated allelism with both gl3 and gl15. This behavior was confirmed using homozygous glossies as parents. Additional tests of such exceptional behavior are in progress.

The stock designated gl5 represents a duplicate gene situation, both recessive alleles being required for glossy expression. I have used the symbols gl5-1 and gl5-2. As this usage does not conform to accepted nomenclature, I have designated gl5-2 as gl20. gl5 is linked with su with 12% crossing over. gl20 remains unlinked.

gl14-wt linkage: Preliminary data indicated linkage of gl14 and wt. The backcross data available are as follows: Gl14 Wt 113 : Gl14 wt 18 : gl14 Wt 45 : gl14 wt 76, indicating approximately 25% crossing over.

G.F. Sprague

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