A new allele at the Y1 locus with pleiotropic effect

A pale golden plant type was observed unlike g1, g2 or g4, more closely resembling pg11, pg12. All tests for allelism were negative. This type was later shown to be either closely linked or allelic to y1. The endosperm color is a straw yellow rather than white. In the F2 populations available all Y seeds gave normal green plants and all straw or lemon colored seeds gave yellow green or golden plants with moderate to severe blotching of the leaves. Leaf tissue in these affected areas eventually dies. In the plants that survive, the blotching becomes less extreme as the plant develops. This should be a useful trait as individuals may be classified in the seed, seedling or mature plant stage. Dr. Robertson informs me this may be similar to a type called pastel described by Anderson many years ago.

G.F. Sprague

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