Mutant C-ID846627 had a deficiency distal to C-I

One variegated kernel was recovered from an En isolation plot (C-I Sh Bz Wx/C-I Sh Bz Wx, En/En X C sh bz wx/C sh bz wx) that showed sectors of color or bronze in a colorless background. Later it was found the mutant had a deficiency and the C-I chromosome carrying the deficiency was not transmissible through pollen. This mutant has been designated C-ID846627.

A preliminary linkage test was done and the results shown in Table 1 indicate that the deficiency probably starts at about 1.2 map units distal to the C-I locus. However, this value is only based on a few crosses on 3 plants. An additional study involving adequate numbers of plants is underway.

Table 1. Linkage test on mutant C-IDS46627.

Yong-Bao Pan and Peter A. Peterson

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