A flint type endosperm gene

An ear with small flint type endosperms was discovered in selfed progeny of Oh43, zpg-3 mutants. This phenotype is controlled by a recessive gene named sft (small flint type). The cross sft/sft X + / + (normal Oh43) produces all flint kernels and the reciprocal (+/+ X sft/sft) all normal dent kernels. Selfs of F1 (sft/+, and reciprocal) plants produce ears with all normal dent endosperms. Flint type endosperms are not produced. Ears are well filled and appear normal. Endosperms of the backcross F1 x sft/sft seeds are all normal and of the reciprocal (sft/sft x F1) all flint. Selfed plants from the above backcrosses produce ears which have either all small flint type endosperms or all normal dent endosperms. Thus, sft/sft plants produce only flint endosperms and sft/+ plants only normal endosperms regardless of the pollen parent genotype. The type of endosperm produced is dependent upon a contribution from maternal tissue. Gene action appears similar to that of the de-p1 gene reported by Mangelsdorf (1926).

E.J. Dollinger

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