R mutant alleles from mobile-element-containing populations

Thirty-seven R mutant alleles have been isolated from several maize populations containing different types of mobile elements. They can be divided into the following 3 groupings based on the results derived from confirmation tests and tests for genetic instability:

1. Genetically stable R mutants

a) Those from Uq-containing populations: r- 784201, r-784214, r-817106, r-817113, r-817120, r-817123, r-817206, r-817371, and r-817382;

b) Those from Cy-containing populations: r-846055, r-846058, r-846066, r-846067, r-846068, r-846074, r-846085, r-846095, r-857332, r-857336, and r-857343;

c) Those from En-containing populations: r-826143, r-857299, r-857305, and r-857325; and

d) Those from Ac-containing populations: r-844523, r-846142, and r-846155.

2. Putative mutable R mutants: r-826013, r-826014, r-826016, r-826017, r-826022, and r-826026. These were isolated from one En-containing population.

3. Promising R mutable alleles

a) One from Uq-containing populations: r-846096;

b) Three from Cy-containing populations: r-857345, r-857349, and r-857350.

Further experiments are in progress on putative and promising R mutable alleles.

Yong-Bao Pan and Peter A. Peterson

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