Linkage between Ga-S and o1

In MNL 59:24 the authors reported data which would put o1 at about position 80 in chromosome four. As its prior position in the working maps was not changed we present more data to improve our earlier estimates. Ga-S O1 was crossed to ga o1 and selfed. The data from three ears together with that from the prior report are in Table 1, including the analysis.

The value of p with the total of the four families is 40.3±2.2, which in cM is 52.9. Among the four families there is insignificant interaction. Based on Ga-S position in the working map this puts o1 at about position 85 in chromosome four. The strong linkage depicted around glossy-3 should be depicted around glossy-4 which possibly the original report established, if the linkage were so strong.

Table 1. Results frrom the selfed cross, Ga-S O1 x ga o1. First line data from MNL 59:24. Distance Ga-S to o1 turns out to be 52.9 units (cM).

Luiz Torres de Miranda and Luiz Eugenio Coelho de Miranda

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