Survey for inbreds carrying homozygous whp

Several inbreds had been tested for whp constitution (Coe, MNL 56:49). All of the inbreds (Ky21, Mo20W, Ky27, L289, and Mo17) have been identified to carry dominant Whp (yellow pollen with c2 c2). To further test for whp, 32 inbred lines were crossed onto and backcrossed with C2/c2 whplwhp plants of K55, which is an original source of the whp factor. Colorless (c2 c2) seeds from the backcrosses were planted for observation of pollen color. The inbreds we tested are the following: K41, K63, K64, K150, K155, K302, K303, K304, K306, K814, K816, FR802, FR807, FR809, FR810, FR29, FR35, FRMo17WC, W77-R3027, 78-S159,79-R1130WC, 79-111141,79-111193, Mo14W, Mo1W, Mo16W, Ky228, A619, Oh51a, B73Ht, and CI66. Only one of the inbreds, FR810, shed white pollen in the c2 c2 progeny (15 plants). This inbred consequently is either homozygous for whp, or at least carries the factor. Because FR810 carries C2, however, its pollen is yellow.

Chang-deok Han and Ed Coe

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