Les10, a new lesion mutant located near v4 on chromosome 2L

Linkage analysis of Les*-A607, a dominant lesion mutant kindly provided by Jerry Kermicle, has placed this mutant near v4 on chromosome 2L. Since this mutant has a different phenotype from both Les4 and Les*-1378 (see MNL 60:50-51 for phenotypic description) and shows linkage to both T2-9b and T2-9d, whereas both Les4 and Les* -1378 show linkage to only T2-9d (see following data), the symbol Les10 is proposed for Les*-A607.

Translocation Backcross Data - only those crosses resulting in linkage or involved in the same chromosome are presented.

The following two testcrosses place Les10 near v4. Data for the testcross, lg1 gl2 wt1 + x ( + + + Les10)/(lg1 gl2 wt1 +), establish that Les10 is 15 units proximal to Wt1.

Testcross data for the cross, b1 ts1 + x (b1 + Les10)/B1 ts1 +) place Les10 roughly 8 units proximal to ts1, which would be near v4. Additional tests with v4 are in progress.


Dave Hoisington

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