Location of dominant golden sheath on chromosome 9S

Golden sheath, G6, was located on chromosome number 9 using the T wx series. The backcross data showed G Wx linkage for several translocations, as listed.

The closest linkage was with T6-9a and T8-9(6673), with breakpoints at S.79, L.40 and L.09, S.16, respectively. Subsequent crosses of G Wx/g wx x g wx, in which no translocation was involved, gave 54 G Wx, 13 g Wx, 12 G wx, 60 g wx for a total of 25 crossovers among 139 progeny tested, for a map distance of 18 cM. Progeny from crosses of golden plants by B-A translocations TB-9Sb and TB-9Lc gave both golden and green hypoploids, and TB-9Lc hyperploids gave both golden and green plants; however, TB-9Sb hyperploids were all green, indicating that +/+ /G6 is green and that G6 is located beyond the breakpoint of TB-9Sb. The above information places G6 on the short arm of 9, approximately 18 cM distal to wx.


M.G. Neuffer

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