The analysis of aleurone protein patterns of C-I and pigment inhibition

The soluble aleurone proteins were analyzed by disc gel electrophoresis to study the protein patterns of C-I, Pr, pr, bz1, bz2 and their F1s. A total of 17 bands were observed in all genotypes. The extracts of C-I exhibited 12 bands, Pr, 11; pr, 13; bz1, 10; bz2, 13. Band-5 (Rm 0.23), which was present in C-I, was absent in all the parents, suggesting that this band may be associated with the inhibition of pigment. All the F1s exhibited a characteristic banding pattern with five common bands, 3 (Rm 0.16), 5 (Rm 0.23),8 (Rm 0.40),13 (Rm 0.65) and 15 (Rm 0.78). In all the F1s a specific protein band of C-I, i.e. band-5, was present with Rin 0.23. It may be suggested that this band may be associated in the control of precursors/substrates required by other genes for anthocyanin biosynthesis in the aleurone tissue of maize.

K.V. Rao, P. Suprasanna and G.M. Reddy

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