* in symbol identifies loci needing documentation, symbol standardization and/or allelism tests

BS = base sequence; BSH = broad-sense heritability; gca, sca = general and specific combining ability; QTL = quantitative trait loci;

RM = restriction map; R/S = resistance/susceptibility or tolerance

r refers to numbers of references in the list of Recent Maize Publications



Adh1-Usv somaclonal mutant from Adh1-S, BS --Brettell &, r60

bz2-mu1 Mu1-elicited; modification of Mu elements correlated with loss of somatic reversion --Chandler &, r73; Walbot &, r657

dek22 on 1L --Clark &, r83

Acp4, Adh1 allozymes in Corn Belt dents, flints and South American dent populations; QTL associations in F2 from Wf9/Pa405 --Kahler &, r260, r261

Adh1 BS, methylated sites --Nick &, r420

Adh1-1S, Adh1-1F, 5' and 3' BS --Sachs &, r526

Adh1: Mu1 insert in intron --Vayda &, r645

Mpl1, possible allele D8, approx. 4 mu distal to lw1 --Harberd &, 61:23

P1-WR, f1, Flt1, Krn1, Zer1, Pd1, Tr1, bm2 linkages --Miranda &, 61:32,34

zb4 (5) P1 (9) nec2; dek1 (7) nec2 --Hoisington, 61:47

l16, pg15, v25, Les2, Les5 on 1S; hcf13, ij2, l17, pg16, py2, spc2, zb7, Les7, Msc1, Tlr1 on 1L --Neuffer &, 61:50

gs1 (14) Phi1 (10) bm2 (16) Acp4 --Sisco &, 61:86

NPI370-P1, 412-Sod4 on 1S; 21-Adh1, 251-Phy1 on 1L --Wright &, 61:89

Hypoploids for TB-1Sb and TB-1La: endosperms, reduced kernel weight, plants, reduced height, leaf width; TB-1La leaves shortened --Chang &, 61:91


rRNA5S, BS --Barciszewska &, r22

dek23 on 2L --Clark &, r83

Px1 allozymes in Corn Belt dents, flints and South American dent populations; location on 2L, QTL in F2 from Wf9/Pa405 --Kahler &, r260, r261

b1-peru-mu1 Mu1-elicited --Walbot &, r657

Pd2, Tr2, lg1, gl2, Flt2, Krn2, Lsc1, Zer3, B1, Fl1 linkages --Miranda &, 61:27,32

gl2 (18) wt1 (15) Les10; B1 (18) ts1 (8) Les10 Hoisington, 61:48

nec4, v26, Les1 on 2S; l18, spt1, v24, Les4 on 2L --Neuffer &, 61:50

NPI248-B1 on 2S; 348-Alr1 on 2L; 347-EMu, 331-Ssu2 on 2 near centromere --Wright &, 61:89

TB-2Sa uncovers gl2, B1-Peru, not wt1 --Echt, 61:94

gl14 (25) wt1 --Sprague, 61:96


E4, Got1, Pgd2 allozymes in Corn Belt dents, flints and South American dent populations; QTL associations in F2 from Wf9/Pa405 --Kahler &, r260, r261

a1-m13, a1-m16, Uq-regulated --Pereira &, r471

Hex1 located by TB-3Sb; alleles -2, -3, -4, -5, -6, -n; E8 (24) Hex1 (17) Tpi4 (10) Pgd2 (24) Got1 (5) Me1 (21) Mdh3 --Wendel &, r670

brn1 (19) d1 (21) Lg3; brn1 (36) cl1 Stinard, 61:6

lg2, Pd3, Flt3, Krn3, Tr3, a1, Mer2 linkages --Miranda &, 61:32

gl19, Wrk1 on 3S; spc3, wlu1, Spc1 on 3L --Neuffer &, 61:50

h1 (32) Cg1 --Poethig, 61:85

NPI231-Me1, 345-Tpi4 on 3S; 51-A1 on 3L --Wright &, 61:89

Hypoploids for TB-3Sb and TB-3La have reduced plant height; TB-3Sb leaves pale green, TB-3La leaves short, erect --Chang &, 61:91

a1-m-4, Ds1 insert: RM; a1, a1-m-1:Cache, rDt inserts 0.7kb --Sorrentino &, 61:102,103


Fatty acid composition affected by 4L dosage, TB-4Lb --Shadley &, r564

ptd*-1130, pitted endosperm, on 4L --Sheridan &, r573

c2-mu2 Mu1-elicited --Walbot &, r657

c2-m1 Spm/En-tagged, C2 clone; c2-m3 and revertant c2-m3R; RM --Wienand &, r685

Krn4, Fas4 linkages --Miranda &, 61:29

Ga1 (40) o1; Pd4, Tr4, Ts5 linkages --Miranda &, 61:32

orp1 uncovered by TB-4Sa; linkage with TB-4Lf --Neuffer &, 61:44

spt2, wt2, Ysk1 on 4S; nec5 on 4L; Ms41 near T4-9b (4L.90) --Neuffer &, 61:50,51

NPI228-Adh2 on 4S; 227-Ssu1 on 4L --Wright &, 61:89

Hypoploids for TB-4Sa have short, broad leaves --Chang &, 61:91

gl5 (12) su1; Dt6 (13) su1 (41) gl3 --Sprague, 61:96


Fatty acid composition affected by 5L dosage, TB-5La --Shadley &, r564

a2-mu1, a2-mu2, a2-mu3 Mu1-elicited --Walbot &, r657

Flt5, Krn5, Fas5, pr1, Pd5, Tr5, Ger1 linkages --Miranda &, 61:29,32

anl1 distal to a2 --Coe, 61:47

nec6, Msc2, Rgd2 on 5S; grt1, nec7, ppg1, wgs1, Hsf1 on 5L --Neuffer &, 61:50

NPI369-Phy2, 345-Tpi5 on 5S --Wright &, 61:89

Hypoploids for TB-5Sc and TB-5La: endosperms, reduced kernel weight; plants, reduced height and leaf width; TB-5La leaves pale green --Chang &, 61:91

sh5 not allelic to sh4; sh5 (22) pr1 --Sprague, 61:96


Enp1, Idh2, Mdh2, Pgd1 allozymes in Corn Belt dents, flints and South American dent populations; QTL in F2 from Wf9/Pa405 --Kahler &, r260, r261

rDNA spacer, RM; new site in tripsacoid maize --Lin &, r326

rDNA spacer, BS --McMullen &, r372; Tolczyki &, r622

Hex2 located by TB-6Lc; alleles -0.5, -1, -1.7, -2, -2s, -3, -4, -6, -n; Pgd1 (3) Enp1 (29) Pl1 (13) Hex2 (43) [Idh2 (2) Mdh2] --Wendel &, r670

Adk1 located by TB-6Sa; Adk1 (8) rgd1 (8) Pgd1 (4) Enp1 --Wendel &, 61:19

y1, py1, Tr6, Pd6, Krn6, Flt6, Zer2, Plp linkages --Miranda &, 61:32

gs3 on 6L --Neuffer &, 61:50

NPI330-Me2, 229-Pdk1 on 6L --Wright &, 61:89

Hypoploids for TB-6Lc in endosperm have reduced kernel weight, in plants reduced height and leaf width --Chang &, 61:91


E1 allozymes in Corn Belt dents, flints and South American dent populations --Kahler &, r260

Flt7, Krn7, Fas7, Bn1, Ger2 linkages --Miranda &, 61:29

v27, wlu2 on 7L; Les9 on 7 --Neuffer &, 61:50

NPI349-Alr2, 419-Sod2 on 7L --Wright &, 61:89

Hypoploids for TB-7Lb in endosperm have reduced kernel weight, in plants short, erect, dark green leaves --Chang &, 61:91


ms43 uncovered by TB-8La --Golubovskaya &, r177

Krn8, Fas8, Flt8, Ger3 linkages --Miranda &, 61:29,34

hcf*-1113-3, Mu-elicited; uncovered by TB-8Lc --Cook &, 61:44

v21, wlu3 on 8L; Clt1, Bif1, Sdw1 on 8; pro1 (33) ms8 (12) j1 (9) de*-1386A; Bif1 (27) pro1 (45) v16 (23) de*-1386A --Neuffer &, 61:50,51

NPI344-Tpi3 on 8S; 119-Hsp1 on 8L; 230-Pdk2 on 8 near centromere; 368-Act1 on 8 --Wright &, 61:89

Hypoploids for TB-8Lc have dark green, short, broad leaves --Chang &, 61:91


bz1-E1, -E2, -E3, -E4, -E5, -E6, -E7, -E8, -E9, -E10, EMS-induced; -m2(DI), -m2(DII) from bz1-m2 --Dooner, r116; Dooner &, r118

Acp1 allozymes in Corn Belt dents, flints and South American dent populations; QTL associations in F2 from Wf9/Pa405 --Kahler &, r260, r261

wx1 RM, BS of genomic and cDNA --Klosgen &, r283

Css1 near centromere; RM --McCarty &, r369; Behrendsen &, 61:60

C1 RM; c1-m668655, -m668613 En insert, c1-m2 Ds insert --Paz-Ares &, r462

bz1-mu1, bz1-mu2 Mu1-elicited --Walbot &, r657

wx1, Flt9, Krn9, Ger4 linkages --Miranda &, 61:35

Sh1 5' region, DNaseI hypersensitive sites --Frommer &, 61:44

baf1, barren-stalk-fastigiate, uncovered by TB-9Sb, close to w11; bz1 (<10) l7; bk2 (5) v30 (19) Wc --Coe &, 61:46

wlu4 on 9L; Zb8, Les8 on 9; G6 distal to TB-9Sb, G6 (18) wx1 --Neuffer &, 61:50,51

Ss2 close to bz1 --Gupta &, 61:57

QTL for plant height very close to d3; NPI-probe RFLP map for chromosome 9 --Helentjaris &, 61:88

NPI1-Bz1, 15Sh1, 16Wx1 on 9S; 332-Pep, 121-Css1 on 9L --Wright &, 61:89

Hypoploids for TB-9Lc in endosperm have reduced kernel weight, in plant reduced height, yellow green leaves --Chang &, 61:91


r1-r:n46, n142, n35, n101 (ex R1-r:standard); r1-g:1557-2 (ex r1-r:n35); R1-sc:124 (ex R1-st); r1-m1, -m3, -m9 (Ds-elicited from R1-sc:124);

r1-g:nc3-5 (derivative of R1-st); R1-g:8pale (variant of R1-g:8, ex R1-r:standard) alleles --Dooner &, r118

Sn1, derived from r1-ch:bol1, -bol2, -Co-op; 1.5 mu distal to R1 --Gavazzi &, r171; Consonni &, 61:75

Glu1 allozymes in Corn Belt dents, flints and South American dent populations; QTL associations in F2 from Wf9/Pa405 --Kahler &, r260, r261

Fatty acid composition affected by 10L dosage, TB-10L19 --Shadley &, r564

wx1-m1, Ds excisions Wx1-S5, -S9, RM, BS --Wessler, r674

Flt10, Krn10, Ger5 linkages --Miranda &, 61:34

orp2 (19) r1 --Neuffer &, 61:44

gl21, l19, Les6 on 10S; l13, v29, Vsr1 on 10L --Neuffer &, 61:50

Hypoploids for TB-10L19 in endosperm have reduced kernel weight --Chang &, 61:91


hcf*-Mu106, hcf*-Mu122 --Barkan &, r23

bno*-747B, brown opaque endosperm; cp*-1418, collapsed endosperm --Sheridan &, r573

y11, y12, mg1 --Sprague, 61:96

Ufo1, unstable factor for orange --Styles &, 61:100

sft1, small flint type --Dollinger, 61:103


atpB, BS; promoter deletion mutants map its structure --Bradley &, r52

rbcL 3' non-coding region hybridizes to junctions of inverted repeat --Brears &, r59

mtDNAS1 sequence homologies to ctDNA-psbA --Sederoff &, r560

psbG RM, BS --Steinmetz &, r592

rDNA5S, tRNA-Arg(ACG), tRNA-Asn(GUU) and intergenic regions, BS --Dormann-Przybyl &, r120


cms-T, RM, altered transcribed sequences --Abbott &, r1

cms-S, S2 plasmid, RM --Bedinger &, r30

BS of inverted repeats in cms-Vg S1 and S2 vs. main mtDNA and in cms-Vg369 (revertant) and normal --Braun &, r58

Map locations of coxI, coxII, cob, atpA, rRNA5S, rRNA18S, rRNA26S --Dawson &, r101

cms-T sequence TURF2H3, BS and hybridizations to atp6, rRNA26S, tRNAarg --Dewey &, r108

cms-RD81-47-13, -15, -16, 82-1179-16, 78-419-13; cms-ML81H-51-1, 78-409-7 revertants; S1, S2 plasmid content is nucleus-dependent --Escote &, r139

cms-S cytoplasms carry autonomously replicating RNA plasmids --Finnegan &, r152

Direct repeat 5.27kb, intragenomic recombination sites adjacent to R1(S1) and R2(S2): BS --Houchins &, r234

atpA, BS; 2 copies in B37N, 1 in T, C and S --Isaac &, r243

coxI, BS; Wf9N vs. S in region of R1 adjacent --Leaver &, r319

cms-Ij1 isolated from progeny of ij plants --Lemke &, r321

1.9kb plasmid, BS --Ludwig &, r338

NCS2, NCS3 restriction fragment modifications --Newton &, r418; Feiler &, 61:45

S1 sequence homologies to ctDNA-psbA --Sederoff &, r560

URF13-T, ORF25, atp6 regions in N, cms-T, -C, -S --Kennell &, 61:57

ORF13T, ORF25 region BS in N, cms-T, and fertile revertant V3 --Fauron &, 61:90

TRANSPOSABLE ELEMENTS (see also specific loci affected)

Ac, Ds9, Ds6, Ds2d2 maps; Spm-s, Spm-w, dSpm-8, dSpm-13, dSpm-7995, dSpm-7997, dSpm-8004 maps --Banks &, r20

Mu1.4B37 element, RM; modified relative to Mu1 --Chandler &, r72

Ac: defects in wx-m9(Ds), in ORF1, and bz-m2(DI), in ORF2, do not complement for transposition -Dooner &, r117

Ac, errata for BS --Muller-Neumann &, r 408; English &, 61:81

En-1 BS --Pereira &, r470

BS1, TZ86 insertions, Uq --Peterson, r473

Uq, Mrh in BSSS --Peterson &, r477


PEP carboxylase clone pPC2 hybridizes to 1-2 two major bands; RM --Harpster &, r218

P-ePrv carboxylase clone pH1 hybridizes to 3+ bands; Prv,Pi dikinase clone pH2 to 2+ --Hudspeth &, r237

Triosephosphate isomerase clone hybridizes to 9+ bands; BS --Marchionni &, r352

Zein clones for Mr 22,000, 19,000 and 15,000, homologies among and between, RMs and BSs --Marks &, r355, r366; Pedersen &, r465; Wang &, r660, r661

Glutathione-S-transferase III clone hybridizes to 1 band; BS --Moore &, r393

Poly (dT-dG).poly(dC-dA), 6,500 copies --Morris &, r401

Histone H4, 2 clones, RM, BS; multiple dispersed repeats --Philipps &, r482

Repetitive sequences: knob probe pZmK6 185bp, tandem arrays; ARS probes pZmA1111 525bp, pZmA311 600bp, dispersed and tandem --Rivin &, r512

Heat-shock protein 70, BS --Rochester &, r516

Glutathione-S-transferase I clone hybridizes to 1 band in Mo17; RM, BS --Shah &, r565

LHCP-II: 6 clones isolated, hybridizing to 6 of a family of about 12 genomic sequences --Sheen &, r570


Selection for stalk strength in MoSQA and MoSQB associated with plant height, ear height, maturity, yield --Berzonsky &, r37, r38

Inbreds show 56% variation over 11 generations, more in selfed than in sibbed progenies (10 lines, 10 traits) --Bogenschutz &, r48

Bipolaris maydis race O R/S: up to 97% of variation additive, 2 to 47% dominance; BSH 30 to 69%; 2 to 15 factors --Burnette &, r66

R/S to bird damage correlated with husk weight, length and extension in sweet corns --Dolbeer &, r115

Allozyme selection; performance prediction by heterozygosity --Frei &, r156, r157

Kanamycin R transferred stably by electroporation into BMSI callus --Fromm &, r159

Gibberella zeae isolate U5373 R/S in 2 R vs. 2S inbreds: additivity predominates --Gendloff &, r172

Delayed senescence and high stalk sucrose, 1 major dominant gene --Gentinetta &, r174

Opine synthesis following Agrobacterium introduction into wounded seedlings --Graves &, r187

Maize streak virus DNA transferred via Agrobacterium inoculation --Grimsley &, r191

Recurrent selection in BS13 and BSSS2 for cold tolerance --Hoard &, r229, r230

Regenerability of hybrids dominant/semidominant --Hodges &, r231

Gibberella zeae R/S, % infected plants (IP), and spread (SI), BSH 0.73, 0.84, and 0.54; IP and SI separable --Hunter &, r238

Recurrent selection in Tuxpeno for reduced plant height --Johnson &, r254

Frequencies, genetic distances for allozymes in Corn Belt dents, flints and South American dent populations --Kahler &, r260

QTL associations with allozymes in F2 of Wf9/Pa405; segmental heterosis, overdominance --Kahler &, r261

Yield with grain-filling period, rate of fill and shorter lag period in diallel; gca > sca --Katsantonis &, r269

Ostrinia nubilalis R/S, recurrent selection in BS9 rapid for first-brood; less rapid for second-brood; yield reductions --Klenke &, r280, r282

High per se yield of random inbreds from BSSS partially dominant --Lamkey &, r304

Atrazine R/S BSH 0.66 in diallel --Le Court de Billot &, r315

Recurrent selection in BSSS for yield, Ostrinia nubilalis R, Diabrotica virgifera R --Oyervides-Garcia &, r439

Full-sib selection in 8 tropical populations, 6 traits, international testing --Pandey &, r448

Allozyme correlations in Hays Golden mass selected for yield or prolificacy --Pollak &, r491

Cold tolerance in diallel, gca > sca --Pozzi &, r497

Allozyme heterozygosity for prediction --Price &, r498

Selection for stalk strength, Diplodia maydis R, Ostrinia nubilalis R, DIMBOA --Rehn &, r508

Corynebacterium nebraskense R/S, 9:7 ratio from A619/A632 --Schuster &, r557

Full-sib selection in Partap for prolificacy --Singh &, r577

Selection for early flowering --Troyer, r632

Methotrexate R selection in tissue culture --Tuberosa &, r636

--Assembled unrestricted by Prof. Ligate


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