c2-m85-2 and c2-m85-3 - two unstable c2 alleles

These two alleles arose as single-kernel independent events on separate ears in a TEL population that contains a number of elements (Schnable and Peterson, Maydica, 1986). The ratios in testcrosses are indicative of independent control.

Origin: C2/C2. Male parent: c2/c2. Exception pattern: 5-6 b-c, 3-bc. Cross of exception: c2-m/c2 x c2/c2. Progeny:
Colored Spotted Colorless Total
c2-m85-3 87 6750 x - 1E x 6114 2 65 328 395
c2-m85-2 87 6750y/tiller [ x ] 25 57 132 214

System relationships are in progress.

Peter A. Peterson

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