The A-m(r)-Cuna allele is a fully colored allele of the A locus and the resident allele of the Cuna (Colombia) accession where Fcu was uncovered (Gonella and Peterson, Genetics, 1977). This allele is partially suppressed by En and in the presence of En, expresses darker spots on a dark background aleurone coloration. (The intensity of color is darker than the a-m-15719A-1 coloration in the absence of En but clearly as dark as the a-pale-m(r) allele in the presence of En (Nowick and Peterson, MGG, 1981).

The presence of dark spots is indicative of the presence of an I element that responds to En, but unlike the a-m-15719A-1 allele, it is not suppressed in coloration. Thus, either the orientation or other feature of the I element is responsible for the non-suppressive feature of this allele.

Peter A. Peterson

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