Distribution and retention of the Uq mobile element in important breeding populations

The Iowa State Corn Breeding Program here pursued several strategies to enhance their corn breeding populations. Three of the populations are: BSSS(R), BSSS(S) and BS13(HT) (Hallauer and Miranda, ISU Press, 1981). These have been continued for several cycles, each of which was canvassed for the presence of Uq.

The following has been determined:

    BSSS(R), from a high of nearly 50% of the plants carrying Uq at the C0 cycle, gradually decreased to near zero between cycles 6 and 11.
    BSSS(S), from a 30% low in C1, increased to near 80% by C5.

These studies are in their initial stages but do indicate a change in the presence of Uq occurring during population development.

Lisa Lorenzen1, Jean Cormack2 and Peter A. Peterson

1NSF Undergraduate Research; 2ICI-Garst

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