pr-m860192 - a mutable allele at the Pr locus

An instance of instability at the Pr locus has been detected while analysing the c-m55437 allele. The mutant phenotype exhibited red and purple spots on a colourless background on the same kernel. This spotting pattern is due to the mutability of an En-induced (autonomous) mutable c-m55437 allele superimposed with the pr mutability. That the mutability is associated with the Pr locus was confirmed in crosses with pr tester. The progeny kernels exhibiting pr mutability showed purple sectors on a red background. This mutant has been designated pr-m860192. Preliminary data suggest that the mutability is induced either by an autonomous element or by more than one independently segregating copies of the same element (Table 1). The pr mutant stocks also contained the En element. Further characterization of the allele is in progress.

Table 1: Test cross of sectored type. The cross pr-m/pr X pr/pr
Pedigree Sectored Purple Red
87K 0376-1x0391 96 19 120
-3x0390 84 16 97
-4x0391 121 27 151
87K 0377-2x0390 76 13 105
-3x0394 115 23 152
-4x0391 83 42 88

A.R. Reddy, PA. Peterson and Ch. Jayaram

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