Quantitative and qualitative analysis of amylolytic enzymes of etched mutant

Earlier we have reported (MNL, 1985) the effect of et mutation on chlorophyll pigmentation and chloroplast ultrastructure during greening of seedlings under light. We report here on the changes in total amylase in germinating kernels and young seedlings. The total amylase levels were estimated in et+ et+ and et et kernels during germination and greening of seedlings (Table). The total amylase levels and the specific activity of amylase were observed to increase from the 3rd day to the 5th day after germination in et+ et+ kernels, whereas in et et kernels the activity levels decreased during the same period. Further, the total amylase content was significantly higher in et+et+ kernels as compared to et et kernels at all tested stages. In the developing seedlings too, the total amylase levels were significantly higher in normal (et+ et+) leaves than that of virescent leaves of et et genotype. Total amylase levels peaked at the 8th day followed by a decrease by the 10th day in leaves of both genotypes. Similarly, the specific activity of total amylase peaks at the 8th day in et+et+ seedlings. However, the mutant seedlings show continuous increase up to the 10th day. a and b amylase studies in kernels and seedlings of both genotypes are in progress. Electrophoretic profiles of total amylase did not show any qualitative differences between et+ et+ and et et genotypes throughout the period of kernel germination.
Days after germination Total amylase activity* (n.Kat/mg kernel/gm.leaf)
  et+ et+ et et
3 162 100
4 198 78
5 236 52
6 282 200
8 508 278
10 312 212

*Each value represents an average of at least 5 independent experiments.

H.G. Sangeetha and A.R. Reddy

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