Test for presence of transposable elements in populations

A routine procedure (crosses with reporter alleles) was followed to survey the transposable element content in 11 populations. If the reporter allele is unstable in the BC1 generation (a variegated or spotted phenotype), then the population contains at least one active copy of the corresponding transposable element. On the other hand, stability of the reporter allele would indicate a lack of the corresponding transposable element. The results of this study are summarized in the Table.

It can be noted that both Uq and Mrh are active in the Rhoades and Dempsey bz-mut, Mut population. The Uq element is also active in Rhoades and Dempsey's Hi-loss B's population, but this activity is not detectable in 431-related Mutator populations (populations 1 through 7). However, population 11, which was derived from a cross between populations 1 through 6 and population 7, apparently has an active Uq element. This population also has an active Dt element whose activity is not detectable in spotted 431 (population 7). Two other elements, En and Cy, are found to be either absent or inactive in the two populations tested. The content of these two elements in other populations has not yet been tested.


Yong-Bao Pan and Peter A. Peterson

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