3S linkage data: E8

Previously we reported (Sorrentino and Poethig, MNL 59:86, 1985) that E8 is located approximately 30cM distal to d on the short arm of chromosome 3. We have since mapped this locus more precisely using a null allele (E8-0) fortuitously present in our d g2 stock, an extremely slow allele (E8-S) obtained from M.M. Goodman, and more common alleles of this locus which have similar faster mobilities in starch gels (E8-F). The results of 3 sets of test crosses (Table) provide the following map distances, cl - 10.6±2.3(20/179) - d - 30.6±2.6(97/317) - E8 - 14.3±2.2(37/258) - g2. These results indicate that g2 is the terminal marker on 3S, and extend the current map by about l4cM.


N.G. Pasteris and R.S. Poethig

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