3S linkage data: ys3 and ra2

Listed here are the results of testcrosses involving ys3, ra2 and a number of markers on 3S. These data, and previous results for the distance between Lg3 and Rg and from d to ra2 (MNL 60:109, 1986), provide the following map distances: ys3 - 1.5 - 0.7(4/259) - Rg - 1.8 ± 0.5(11/623) - Lg3 - 16.5 ± 1. 8(71/429) - ra2 - 4.9 - 0.7(48/97 1) - d. If one takes the single ys3 Rg Lg3 double recombinant seriously, then these results suggest that there is no interference between recombination events in the ys3 Rg and Rg Lg3 intervals. This is significant because there is usually no interference across the centromere. Since ys3 is located on 3L, this lack of interference may mean that Lg3 is located on 3S.


R.S. Poethig

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