Glossy linkages

gl9 et: Earlier studies with TB translocations indicated that gl9 was on the long arm of chromosome 3. F2 data from the cross + et/gl9 + confirm this:
+ + + gl9 et +  et gl9
599 187 183 9

lg2 was also involved in this cross. The distance between Ig2 and et is too great to provide critical information but the data are consistent with the assumption that gl9 is distal to et.

gl14 wt: Information had been available that both gl14 and wt were on chromsome 2 but linkage data were limited. Backcross data were obtained as follows:
+ + + gl wt +  wt gl
351 34 95 278

The data indicate about 17% crossing over. There is a discrepancy in size between the two cross-over classes. gl14 is sometimes difficult to classify and in this case there is a deficiency of the combined gl class.

G.F. Sprague

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