Recognition of phytomer homologies by the B-b allele

The B-b allele ordinarily puts a red or purple bar on the glume cushion at the base of the male glumes. The glume cushion is homologous to the leaf subtending an axillary bud in the phytomer. In teopod (Tp) and corngrass (Cg) the glume cushion may elaborate into a spathe subtending the spikelets, both male and female. In the presence of the B-b allele, the entire spathe may become red and the basal glume area has no glume cushion or bar color. It takes a smart gene to know what it is supposed to do and where to perform. There is a strong background effect on the performance of B-b and so it does not always live up to the above expectations.

Walton C. Galinat

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