New putative Mutator-induced recessive kernel mutants with ae-like phenotype

The Mutator system of transposable elements has proven to be effective in the transposon-tagging of genes for cloning and molecular analysis. Since we are interested in analyzing the dominant amylose-extender mutant Ae-5180, we have screened a collection of 12 independent sugary/translucent kernel mutants that have arisen in our studies of the Mutator system for allelism with ae (Table 1). Of the 12, 7 were allelic to ae. It is anticipated that at least several, if not all, of these ae mutants will

contain a Mu insert, and prove useful in the cloning of Ae. The 5 mutants that were not allelic to ae will be further tested for allelism with su1, su2, sh1, and du. The two mutants su-sh*-3328 and su-sh*-5079 are virescent, producing yellow seedlings that green as the plants mature; the virescent seedlings of su-sh*-3328 are mutable.

Table 1. Results of allele tests of recessive ae-like kernel mutants with ae.

Philip S. Stinard and Donald S. Robertson

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