The y1-wmut allele of y1 does not interact with the Ac Ds and En Spm controlling element systems

We have over 300 putative Mutator-induced mutations of the y1 locus; however, mutants of the y1 locus induced by other transposable element systems would be useful in our attempts to isolate the y1 gene (see previous report in this issue). We have stocks of a mutable y1 allele, y1 -wmut , that was first isolated at the California Institute of Technology by E. G. Anderson. This allele is a temperature-sensitive pastel allele similar to y1-8549, but it is unstable and regularly produces large revertant sectors in both endosperm and plant tissue. This behavior suggests that this allele of y1 may have been induced by the insertion of a transposable element. We have crossed this mutant to Ac and En Spm tester stocks to determine if this mutant is related to one of these controlling element systems. We find that this mutant does not activate either controlling element system.

Brent Buckner and Donald S. Robertson

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