Selection for stable inbreds from the progenies of anther culture-derived plants

The first generation (R0) of King Huang-13 showed great variability in plant height, despite the uniform appearance of all the other identifiable characters (Ting, Maydica, 1985). After 2 years of self-fertilization and selection for vigorous and tall plants, the progeny plants became uniform in height. If the segregation in height of the R0 plants was due to a tissue culture activated Ac element, it was probably lost in the subsequent generations. Since the selection was for normal, tall plants, those without Ac were perhaps favored.

In contrast to the above, selections for dwarf plants and self-pollinations of dwarf plants were also attempted. However, seedsets of all of them were very poor. A further study on the segregation for plant height of these progeny plants was impossible.

Y.C. Ting and Stephen Schneider

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