Designation of a dominant lax midrib mutant, Lxm1

Lxm1 (previously Lxm*-1600) leaves have a wide, flat, flexible midrib. The plants are small. Of special note is the ligule which extends down the midrib, leaving the proximity of the stem and forming an elongate "V". The apex of the V becomes a series of small yellowish wart-like enations.

Location data from T wx translocation tests indicate positive placement on chromosome 3; T wx translocation tests for other chromosomes indicated nonlinkage. The backcross data below show Lxm1 Wx linkage for T3-9c.
  T M Wx N Wx M wx N wx %co c2
T3-9c(3L.09,9L.12) 78 32 6 7 33 17 34.69

M.G. Neuffer

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