During the past calendar year, 2270 seed samples were provided in response to 184 requests. Both figures represent a volume of service activity somewhat greater than that of the previous year. Stock requests continue to be received from a diverse clientele representing research, teaching and commercial interests. Increased requests for certain categories of stocks clearly reflect current cooperative efforts in various approaches to chromosome mapping.

During the past growing season, plantings were made of numerous types of stocks, with special emphasis on increasing seed supplies of stocks in low supply or high demand. In addition, seed increases were made of the entire collections of chromosome inversions, B-A translocations, tetraploids, primary trisomics and wx-marked translocations. Increases were also made of multiple gene stocks and selected chromosome testers. The summer plantings consisted of about 5 acres of nurseries, of which about one-fourth were devoted to observations relating to confirmation of pedigrees, allelism testing, location of genes to chromosome and chromosome mapping. In addition, pedigree information on seedling traits was developed from some 2,000 sand bench cultures during the winter.

The Maize Stock Center functions at two distinct levels. Its basic responsibility is to preserve and perpetuate genetic stocks for posterity. At a second level, it has the potential and the mission to enhance and expand current research productivity by supplying verified, vigorous stocks suitable for immediate use as research tools. To this end, there are continuing efforts to develop improved procedures and genetic marking for monitoring, confirming and perpetuating certain types of genetic stocks. Examples of such adjuncts are already very valuable in the perpetuation and use of certain of the primary trisomics and B-A translocations. We would welcome further suggestions any of you may have regarding more efficient procedures for classifying or manipulating specific genetic variants.

During the past year about 75 seed samples of new stock acquisitions were received for increase and addition to the stock center inventory. We anticipate that a much larger number of stocks will be submitted within the next few years.

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