* in symbol identifies loci needing documentation, symbol standardization and/or allelism tests

BS = Base Sequence; BSH = Broad Sense Heritability; gca, sca = general and specific combining ability; QTL = Quantitative Trait Loci

r refers to numbered references in Recent Maize Publications section


Cat2 cDNA clone, RM, BS, transcripts --Bethards &, r52; Scandalios, r484; Skadsen &, r514

Reduction in endosperm due to paternal deficiency enhanced by maternal duplication: TB-1Sb by TB-1Sb, TB-1La, & TB-10L19 but not by TB-4Sa, TB-5La, or TB-10L32; TB-1La by TB-1Sb, TB-1La, TB-4Sa, & TB-7Lb; TB-4Sa & TB-5La not by TB-1Sb; TB-10L18 by TB-1Sb; TB-10L19 by TB-1La --Birchler &, r54

Adh1-3F1124: Mu3 insertion in 5' region, organ-specific expression --Chen &, r88

P1 clone, from P1-vv via Ac; RM; cotwins carry transposed Ac elements on the same genomic fragment --Chen &, r89

Knob distribution in inbreds and varieties --Chughtai &, r96

cfr1: coupling factor reduction, affects chloroplast ATP synthase; uncovered by TB-1Sb --Echt &, r155

QTLs near P1, Mdh4, Adh1, Phi1; notably grain weight, ear characters;distorted ratios --Edwards &, r157, Stuber &, r545; Wendel &, r604

Adh1: 5' S1 nuclease hypersensitive sites, dimethyl sulfate footprinting --Ferl &, r173, r174, r175; Paul &, r406

ms28 uncovered by TB-1Sb --Golubovskaya, r204

Adh1 promoter, modifications, chimeric constructs --Howard &, r233; Walker &, r593

bz2-mu1, bz2-mu2: clone, Mu1.4 inserts, RM, transcripts --McLaughlin &, r352

hcf3, hcf6, hcf31 uncovered by TB-1Sb; hcf2, hcf4, hcf12, hcf13, hcf41 uncovered by TB-1La; hcf44, hcf50 uncovered by TB-1Lc --Miles &, r365

Bz2 clone, from bz2-m via Ds; RM --Theres &, r558

Px1: wx1 T2-9d (2L.83) linkage; v24 16%; pgspt*-579B 5% -Whalen &, 62:34

P1-OVOV contains Ac in inverted order vs. P-VV --Peterson, 62:42

P1 clones from P1-vv, P1-rr, cDNA, transcripts --Lechelt &, 62:47

trisome1, duplex & simplex ratios --Doyle, 62:49

hcf3-Mu --Cook &, 62:50

QTLs for ear height vs. RFLPs --Grant &, 62:71

RFLP map --Grant &, 62:71, Murray &, 62:89

Ac transpositions average 34 cM from P1-VV --Chen &, 62:97

br1 3 Amp1 14 Mdh4 2 bz2 22 Pgm1 --Agnell &, 62:102

NPI309-Adp1, NPI482-A1-2 on 1L; NPI481-L2 on 1 or 5 --Wright &, 62:104

w*-495A allelic to w*-571C, 8% to wx1 T1-9(8389)(1L.74), 26% to wx1 T1-9(035-10)(1L.89); bz2 24 zb7 5 gs1 26 bm2; Les7 shows no linkage with 1L markers; dek22 shows no linkage with wx1 T1-9(4995) --Sisco, 62:124


Knob distribution in inbreds and varieties --Chughtai &, r96

QTLs near Dia1, B1; notably grain weight, ear number; distorted ratios --Edwards &, r157, Stuber &, r545; Wendel &, r604

hcf1, hcf15 uncovered by TB-1Sb-2L4464 --Miles &, r365

Krn2 (tr2), lte1 linkages --Miranda &, 62:39

trisome2, telo2Sa, duplex & simplex ratios --Doyle, 62:49

Les1: sk1 3%; wt1 4%. dek16 & dek23 tightly linked --Hoisington, 62:53

b-Perumu5, b-Perumu216, b-Perumu218, b-Perumu220 --Chandler &, 62:56,58

QTLs for ear height vs. RFLPs --Grant &, 62:71

RFLP map --Grant &, 62:71, Murray &, 62:89

NPI32-null, NPI310-Adp2, NPI468-A1-3, NPI471-L3 on 2L; NPI473-Oec2, NPI417-null on 2S; NPI483-null on 2 --Turner &, 62:103, Wright &, 62:104

gl14 17 wt1 --Sprague, 62:107


Duplication of segment, 3S.5 to 3L.1, with 3B chromosomes from TB-3Sb and TB-3La --Carlson &, r81

Knob distribution in inbreds and varieties --Chughtai &, r96

QTLs near E8 (Est8), Hex1, Tpi4, Pgd2, Mdh3; notably ear weight; distorted ratios --Edwards &, r157, Stuber &, r545; Wendel &, r604

a1-m2-7991A1, a1-m2-7995, a1-m2-7977B, a1-m2-8004, a1-m2-8010A, a1-m2-8011, a1-m2-8167B, a1-m2-8417, a1-m2-8745 derivatives, RM; Spm-w-8011, dSpm-7995, dSpm-7977B, dSpm-8004 RM, BS --Masson &, r342

hcf46 uncovered by TB-3La --Miles &, r365

A1: BS, inserts; transcript, translation, enzymatic activity --Reddy &, r433; Schwarz-Sommer &, r492

a1-m877527, Cy-regulated; A1-m(r)-Cuna, En-regulated --Peterson, 62:3

a1-sh2-Del, Def3 Mutator induced --Stinard &, 62:14,15

brn1: ra2 27%, g2 16%, d1 22% --Stinard, 62:17

trisome3, duplex & simplex ratios --Doyle, 62:49

Lxm1 (was Lxm*-1600), lax midrib; wx1 T3-9c 17% --Neuffer, 62:53

ms23 uncovered by TB-3La & TB-3La-2S6270 --Albertsen, 62:71

QTLs for plant height & ear height vs. RFLPs --Grant &, 62:71

RFLP map --Grant &, 62:71, Murray &, 62:89

g2 14 E8 31 d1 11 cl1; Cg1 9 d1 16 Lg3; d1 5 ra2 16 Lg3 2 Rg1 2 ys3 --Pasteris &, Poethig, 62:98,99

NPI432-null, NPI467-A1, NPI477-Cab1 on 3L --Turner &, 82:103, Wright &, 82:104

gl9 26 et1 --Sprague, 62:107


Adh2, DNaseI hypersensitivity in chromatin at -40 to -70bp from start site, -150 to -180, and -250 to -285; changes in induced chromatin or purified genomic DNA --Ashraf &, r19

Reduction in endosperm due to paternal deficiency enhanced by maternal duplication: TB-4Sa not by TB-1Sb, TB-3La, TB-5La, TB-10L19 or TB-10L32; TB-1La, TB-7La, TB-10L18, & TB-10L19 but not TB-1Sb or TB-10L32 by TB-4Sa --Birchler &, r54

Knob distribution in inbreds and varieties --Chughtai &, r96

hcf23 uncovered by TB-4Sa --Miles &, r365

Zein polymorphisms: T4-10f, T4-9(5974), T4-9g, and T3-4(5156) linkages --Ottoboni &, r396

Zein gene subfamilies --Rubenstein &, r461

QTLs near Aco1 --Stuber &, r545

c2-m85-2, c2-m85-3 --Peterson, 62:3

c2-m3 element Mpi1 --Weydemann, 62:48

trisome4, telo4Sa, duplex & simplex ratios --Doyle, 62:49

Ms*-7255: wx1 T4-9g, wx1 T4-9b linkage --Albertsen &, 62:70

RFLP map --Grant &, 62:71, Murray &, 62:89

Ubiquitin RFLP locus, AGR1002-ubi1 --Murray &, 62:89

Zein linkages with su1 --Wilson &, 62:97

NPI478-Cab2,3 on 4L; NPI314-Adp3, NPI473-Oec1 on 4 --Wright &, 62:104


Knob distribution in inbreds and varieties --Chughtai &, r96

hcf18, hcf21, hcf38, hcf43 uncovered by TB-5La --Miles &, r365

QTLs near Pgm2, Mdh5, Amp3, Got2; notably grain weight, ear characters --Stuber &, r545

a2-m668291, Cy-controlled --Peterson, 62:3

Ae1-5180, dominant glassy; linkage data; ae1-Mu1, ae1-Mu2, ae1-Mu3, ae1-Mu4, ae1-Mu5, ae1-Mu6, ae1-Mu7 --Stinard &, 62:11

Dap1: wx1 T5-9(4790) 39%, wx1 T5-9a 3% --Stinard, 62:16

a2-Mus1, a2-Mus2, a2-Mus3 Mutator-induced --Stinard &, 62:18

trisome5, duplex & simplex ratios --Doyle, 62:49

vp1-w1, vp1-w2, vp1-w3, vp1-mum1, vp1-mum2: clone, RM --McCarty &, 62:61

pr1-m860192 En-mediated --Reddy &, 62:64

RFLP map --Grant &, 62:71, Murray &, 62:89

Ubiquitin RFLP locus, AGR1002-ubi2 --Murray &, 62:89

Clone PCM4 localized in situ; transcripts --Quattrocchio &, 62:96

NPI363-null, NPI469-A1-4 on 5L; NPI474-Oec3 on 5S; NPI481-L2 on 1 or 5 --Turner &, 62:103, Wright &, 62:104


Knob distribution in inbreds and varieties --Chughtai &, r96

QTLs near Pgd1, Enp1, Pl1, Hex2, Idh2, Mdh2; notably kernel characters; distorted ratios --Edwards &, r157, Stuber &, r545; Wendel &, r604

afd1 uncovered by TB-6Lc --Golubovskaya, r204

hcf5, hcf26, hcf323 uncovered by TB-6Sa; hcf34, hcf36, hcf48, hcf408 uncovered by TB-6Lc --Miles &, r365

y1-Mum Mutator induced --Buckner &, 62:18

trisome6, telo6La, telo6Lb, telo6Lc, duplex & simplex ratios --Doyle, 62:49

Beta zein RFLP locus, AGR1003-zeinB --Murray &, 62:89


Reduction in endosperm due to paternal deficiency enhanced by maternal duplication: TB-1La by TB-7Lb --Birchler &, r54

Sod2 (superoxide dismutase 2; cytosolic) clone, RM, BS --Cannon &, r77, r78; Scandalios, r484

Knob distribution in inbreds and varieties --Chughtai &, r96

hcf*-Mu5 uncovered by TB-7Lb --Miles &, r365

O2-Rev alleles, from o2-m(r), gives rise to O2-Ver alleles (reversion-prone; chromosome instability) Motto &, r377

Zein gene subfamilies --Rubenstein &, r461

o2-m20, o2-m21, o2-m22: Spm inserts, clone, RM, transcripts --Schmidt &, r485

Zein polypeptides Zp20/1, Zp20/2, Zp20/3 gene cluster, restriction fragment --Marotta &, 62:29

o2-m5: clone --Salamini &, 62:29

trisome7, telo 7La, duplex & simplex ratios --Doyle, 62:49

hcf104, Mu-induced --Cook &, 62:50

RFLP map --Grant &, 62:71, Murray &, 62:89

Gamma zein RFLP locus, AGR1004-zeinG --Murray &, 62:89

Zein linkages with y8 & wx1 T7-9(4363) --Wilson &, 62:97

NPI470-A1-5 on 7S; NPI475-Oec4 on 7L; NPI480-o2 on 7 --Wright &, 62:104


Knob distribution in inbreds and varieties --Chughtai &, r96

QTLs near Idh1, Mdh1; notably grain weight, ear characters; distorted ratios --Edwards &, r157, Stuber &, r545; Wendel &, r604

b-32 protein cDNA clone --DiFonzo &, 62:29

trisome8, duplex & simplex ratios --Doyle, 62:49

hcf102 (was hcf*-1113-3), Mu-induced, uncovered by TB-8Lc --Cook &, 62:50

RFLP map --Grant &, 62:71, Murray &, 62:89

NPI318-Adp4, NPI479-Cab4 on 8L; NPI476-Oec5 on 8 --Wright &, 62:104


TB-9S(Saraiva) half-translocation: 9S-near tip, B-euchromatin --Ahnert &, r3; Saraiva &, r473,r474

Duplication of segment, 9S.4 to 9L.4, with 9B chromosomes from TB-9Sb-2150 and TB-9La --Carlson &, r81

Mr: Mutator of R1-m; Sh1 17 Mr 22 Wx1 --Chang &, r86

Knob distribution in inbreds and varieties --Chughtai &, r96

c1-m5 clone via Spm tagging; RM & transcripts of alleles c1-m1, c1-m2, c1-m858, C1-I, C1-S --Cone &, r104

bz1-m13CS9 dSpm insert contains splicing site for excision from transcript --Kim &, r275

hcf42 uncovered by TB-9Lc --Miles &, r365

C1 clones, one genomic & 2 cDNA: BS, deduced protein --Paz-Ares &, r408

Deletions of Yg2, Mu-generated, progressively class 1 (male transmission 2:1 to 10:1), class 2 (male transmission nil, TB-9Sb hypoploid viable), class 3 (hypoploid inviable, class 4 (female transmission reduced) --Robertson &, r445

TB-9S(Saraiva) half-translocation deficient for Yg2, not Bz1 --Saraiva, r473, r474

Wx1: in situ hybridization, pachytene localization at 32.25% of chromosome 9 (i.e., very near the centromere) from the short arm tip, in heavy chromomere region of 9S --Shen &, r504

Sh1: transcripts, anaerobic induction (=ANP87); Css2 transcripts --Springer &, r525

QTLs near Acp1 --Stuber &, r545

bz1-mu2: Mu1.7 insert, RM --Taylor &, r557

Sh1 DNaseI hypersensitive sites 5' --Wurtzel &, r632

bz1-m877803, En-related --Peterson, 62:3

yg2-Mum, wd1-Mu, Bf1-Mu(del) --Robertson &, 62:24, 25

sh1-m6258 Ds inserts --Pahl &, 62:46

trisome9, duplex & simplex ratios --Doyle, 62:49

hcf113, Mu-induced, uncovered by TB-9Sb --Cook &, 62:50

Les8: c1 22%; wx1 8%; c1 wx1 24% --Hoisington, 62:53

Ss2-null (Css2-null) --Chourey, 62:62

c1-m55437 En-mediated --Reddy &, 62:64

QTLs for ear height vs. RFLPs --Grant &, 62:71

RFLP map --Grant &, 62:71, Murray &, 62:89

NPI463-Sod2-2 on 9 --Wright &, 62:104

Dt7 25 wx1 --Sprague, 62:108


Reduction in endosperm due to paternal deficiency enhanced by maternal duplication: TB-1Sb by TB-10L19 but not by TB-10L32; TB-10L18 by TB-1Sb & TB-4Sa but not by TB-3Sb, TB-3La or TB-9Sd; TB-10L19 by TB-1La & TB-4Sa but not by TB-4Lb, TB-5La, TB-9Sd or TB-10L32 --Birchler &, r54

R1-nj components, probable gene order G1 Sc Nj K --Kumar &, r292

hcf47, hcf316 uncovered by TB-10Sc; hcf28 uncovered by TB-10La --Miles &, r365

Zein polymorphisms, T4-10f linkage --Ottoboni &, r396

Zein gene subfamilies --Rubenstein &, r461

QTLs near Glu1; notably kernel characters --Stuber &, r545

K10-II deficiencies --Rhoades &, 62:33

trisome10, telo 10La, duplex & simplex ratios --Doyle, 62:49

RFLP map --Grant &, 62:71, Murray &, 62:89

QTLs for ear height vs. RFLPs --Grant &, 62:71

Zein Zp22/2 recombination with R1-st; possible amplification --Menghetti &, 62:92

Sn1 clone, by R1 homology --Tonelli &, 62:94

NPI319-Adp5 on 10S, NPI308-R1 on 10L --Wright &, 62:104


9B-2150, deletion of most distal B chromatin, derivative from TB-9Sb: meiotic loss --Carlson, 62:65


Imidazolinone resistance: dominant, single gene --Anderson, r12

CgL1: anthracnose leaf blight [Colletotrichum graminicola (Ces.) Wils.] resistance --Badu-Apraku &, r23

Yg*-1459 (yellow-green); pro1-1058; dek1-792 (clf*-792); dcr*-1084 (defective crown); brn*-1314A (small, brown kernel); Fbr*-1602 (few-branched tassel); Tlr*-1590 (tillered); Hsf*-1603; Rld*-1441, Rld*-1990 (rolled leaf); Lxm*-1600 (lax midrib); Rs*-1606 (rough sheath); noe*-2205 (no ear primordia); tye*-2171 (tiny ear) --Bird &, r55

ms*-aa: aborted anthesis, membranous lodicules --Cornu &, r108

Fasciated ear, recessive --Hake &, 62:2

Twin ears: penetrance, expressivity --Hallauer, 62:2

ba*-861059B --Pan &, 62:4

am1-su*-2162, su-sh*-3191, su-sh*-3328, su-sh*-5079, su-sh*-5081 Mutator-induced --Stinard &, 62:14

Multiple ears and tillers, dominant --Choe &, 62:54

TRANSPOSABLE ELEMENTS (see also specific loci affected)

Mu1 RM, methylation & inactivation --Bennetzen, r47

Ac transpositions from P1-vv occur in the same genomic fragment in cotwins --Chen &, r89

Ac methylation --Chomet &, r92; Schwartz &, r489

Mu elements in Italian varieties, 5-15 copies; stable --Del Guidice &, r134

Ac transcripts --Kunze &, r293

Derivatives Spm-w-8011, dSpm-7995, dSpm-7977B, dSpm-8004 RM, BS --Masson &, r342

Ds2 transcripts, splicing --Simon &, r512

Mu1.7: RM, BS --Taylor &, r557

Ds (4.3 or 1.5 kb) in Wx1 transcripts is mostly spliced out at sites in and near the inserted element --Wessler &, r608

Mu1, Mu1.7 elements in extrachromosomal, closed circular form --Sundaresan &, r549

Ac deletions, excision recognition and transposase ORF --Coupland &, 62:46

Mu4, Mu5, Mu6, Mu7: RM --Talbert &, 62:59

Ac transpositions average 34 cM from P1-VV --Chen &, 62:97


Glutelin-2 and zein-2 cDNA clones: RM, BS, flanking regions, transcripts --Boronat &, r61; Prat &, r424

Zein 27kD cDNA, tandem duplication, RM for region --Das &, r129

Zein cDNA clones, 19kD: BS transcripts, translation, flanking regions --Galili &, r185, Kriz &, r288

Histone H3, H4 genomic clones; H3 60-80 copies, H4 100-120 copies; RM, BS, transcripts --Gigot &, r199

PEP carboxylase cDNA clones: 4 genes (1 specific for C4 enzyme; a 5th gene is likely), RMs, transcripts --Grula &, r211

Cytoplasmic aldolase cDNAs, translation --Kelley &, r259

RuBPCase small subunit (rbcs) cDNA: BS, flanking regions --Lebrun &, r308, Matsuoka &, r343

Zeins: DNaseI footprinting, protein binding site --Maier &, r335

Chlorophyll a/b binding protein (LHCP) cDNA: BS, flanking regions --Matsuoka &, r344

Zein cDNA clones & subfamilies: 100 genes, 4 subfamilies; BSs --Rubenstein &, r461

PEP carboxylase, pyruvate orthophosphate dikinase, NADP-malic enzyme, RuBPCase small subunit, LHCPII, oxygen-evolving polypeptides (OE33, OE23, OE16) cDNA clones, transcripts, translations --Sheen &, r500, r501, r502, r503

Pollen-specific cDNAs --Stinson &, r539

Lipid body protein L3 cDNA: BS, deduced protein --Vance &, r577

MRS-A, Mu-related sequence (without associated termini), RM --62:54


rRNA operon, promoter; tRNAvalGAC; RM --Delp &, r135

Zea species, subspecies, Tripsacum: comparative restriction fragments; deletions, insertions --Doebley &, r147, r149

Ribosomal protein genes rps4, rps7, rps12: BS, transcripts, S1 nuclease site analysis --Giese &, r198; Russell &, r464

Template active region, 9kbp, possible origin of replication --Gold &, r203

Ribosomal protein genes rp123, rp12, rps19, rp122, rps3, rp116, rpl22: order, BS --Larrinua &, r305; McLaughlin &, r353, r354, r355

psbB, psbF, petB, petD: RM, BS, transcripts --Rock &, r448

atpA, atpH BS; S1 nuclease-protected sites 5' --Rodermel &, r450

rps14, trnR(UCU), trnfM region: BS, transcripts --Rodermel &, r451; Srinivasa &, r526

tRNAproUGG of mitochondrion: sequence present but transcripts absent in chloroplast --Runeberg-Roos &, r463

tRNAserGCU: BS --Russell &, r465


cms-T, 2.3kb linear plasmid RM and terminal BS; homologies to S1 & S2, to ctDNA, and nuclear DNA --Bedinger &, r43

cms-T: urf13-T and fertile mutants; RM, transcripts, and polypeptides --Dewey &, r142, r143; Eckenrode &, r156; Fauron &, r168; Rottmann &, r460; Walker &, r594; Wise &, r625, r626, r627

cms-S, cms-CA, cms-D, cms-LBN: fertile revertants from tissue culture; loss of S1 & S2 plasmids --Earle &, r153

NCS2 transcripts vs. normal cms-T --Feiler &, r171

Ribosomal RNA genes, cytochrome oxidase subunit II gene of Zea diploperennis: RM, BS, flanking regions --Gwynn &, r214

cms-C, cms-BB, cms-ES, cms-PR, cms-RB: cosmid clones, restriction patterns --Pring &, r427

tRNAproUGG: map location, transcripts --Runeberg-Roos &, r463

atpA of N, cms-S, cms-T: arrangements, stoichiometry --Small &, r515

ORF25 in N, cms-C, cms-S, cms-T: BS, predicted protein --Stamper &, r535

cms-S: S2 plasmid URF, 130kDa polypeptide --Zabala &, r639

atp9, cms-S revertants --Wang &, 62:102


Stem borer (Chilo partellus Swinhoe) R in cultivars R to Diatraea grandiosella Dyar but not in cultivars R to Ostrinia nubilalis (Hubner) --Ampofo &, r11

Imidazolinone R selection in tissue culture (tolerant line XA17); dominant, single gene --Anderson, r12

Anthracnose stalk rot (ASR) and leaf blight (ALB) [Colletotrichum graminicola (Ces.) Wils.]: ALB R in inbred LB58 vs. A632 dominant, single gene (CgL); in RD6502 vs. A632 two complementary dominants. ASR R in LB31 vs. B37 & others dominant, single gene, in RD6502 vs. B37 quantitative, BSH 18.8% --Badu-Apraku &, r23, r24, r25

Modifiers of o2 endosperm texture from two sources monogenic, one dominant, one recessive; other sources more complex --Belousov, r45

Sorghum downy mildew [Peronosclerospora sorghi (Weston & Uppal) C.G. Shaw] R/S among 6 lines, additive + non-additive, maternal effects --Borges, r59

Ear rot (Gibberella zeae) R/S diallel --Chiang &, r91

Kernel depth mass selection, gca --Cross &, r117

Differences in 2D-PAGE proteins, qualitatively and quantitatively, vs. gca in diallel --Damerval &, r122

Saline tolerance in Arizona 8601 germplasm --Day, r132

Tripsacum dactyloides monoecious vs. gynomonoecious, recessive major gene --DeWald &, r140

QTLs vs. marker loci (allozyme and flavonoid) --Edwards &, r157, Stuber &, r 545

Saline tolerance in Protador & Across 8024; differences in Na concentration in tissues --Hajibagheri &, r215

Maize-streak virus, Puccinia polysora, Helminthosporium maydis, Curvularia leaf spot, Fusarium moniliforme stalk rot, Striga hermonthica (witchweed) R germplasm --Kim &, r276

Isozyme diversity (10 loci) in populations and derived lines, selection changes --Kling 7, r279

Heritability for yield estimates 53-80% among 121 selection experiments of 7 types --Lamkey &, r296

Isozyme differences vs. hybrid performance among inbreds --Lamkey &, r297; Tsaftaris &, r568

Al tolerance in CMS30 & CMS36, gca, sca --Lopes &, r327

Maize dwarf mosaic virus R diallel --Milinko &, r366

Anther culture response, gca, sca --Petolino &, r416

Tassel culture response partially dominant --Rhodes &, r441

Glycine betaine levels in inbreds --Rhodes &, r442

Maize chlorotic dwarf virus R, gca, sca --Rosenkranz &, r459

Heat tolerance in pollen and tassel, gca --Schoper &, r487

Somaclonal variation --Scowcroft &, r494; Zehr &, r640

Maize weevil (Sitophilus zeamais) R, feeding deterrence, phenolics --Serratos &, r495

Isozyme and protein characterization & diversity in corn belt dent varieties, relationships --Smith &, r516; Smith, r517

Gray leaf spot (Cercospora zeae-maydis Tehon & Daniels) R/S mainly additive, readily transferred --Thompson &, r 560

Aflatoxin contamination, R vs. S in two subpopulations --Widstrom &, r617

Regenerability of 37 inbreds vs. 3 media --Wilkinson &, r618

Heat-shock vs. cold-shock proteins vs. cold tolerance --Yacoob &, r633, r634

QTLs (plant height, ear height) vs. RFLPs --Grant &, 62:71

--Assembled unrestricted by Prof Ligate


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