Allele tests of new putative Mutator-induced recessive kernel mutants with ae-like phenotype

--Philip S. Stinard

In the 1988 MNL (62:14), we reported on the allele testing of 12 independent sugary/translucent kernel mutants that arose during the course of our studies of the Mutator system. This past summer, we tested 12 additional putative Mu-induced sugary/translucent kernel mutants for allelism with ae. Of the 12, only 2 proved to be allelic to ae (Table 1); 3 did not receive a sufficient test, and will be retested. All mutants from both years of testing that were not allelic to ae are being propagated, and will subsequently be allele tested with the mutants su1, su2, du, and sh1, and crossed by a series of B-A translocations.

Table 1. Results of allele tests of recessive ae-like kernel mutants with ae.

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