Chromosome-Breaking Ds Sites

--M. G. Neuffer

In the 1986 News Letter (60:55), we described efforts to obtain chromosome Ds-transposition sites with appropriate markers on 16 chromosome arms. Two arms (6S and 8S) did not have good markers, and two arms (9S and 10L) already had such identified sites. We can now report considerable success as indicated by the entries listed below.
Symbol and Designated Marker Chrom. Arm
A Sh2 Ds-1 03L
A Sh2 Ds-2 03L
a2-m 05S
A2 Ds-1 05S
A2 Ds-2 05S
b-m1:Peru 02S
b-m2:Peru 02S
B-Peru Ds-1 02S
B-Peru Ds-2 02S
Bt1 Ds-1 05L
Bt1 Ds-2 05L
Bt1 Ds-3 05L
bz2 Ds-1 01L
bz2-m2 01L
bz2-m3 01L
bz2-m4 01L
bz2-m5 01L
bz2-m6 01L
C2 Ds-1 04L
C2 Ds-2 04L
C2 Ds-3 04L
C2 Ds-4 04L
C2 Ds-5 04L
C2 Ds-6 04L
C2 Ds-7 04L
Cl1 Ds-1 03S
Dek1 Ds-1 01S
Dek1 Ds-2 01S
Dek1 Ds-3 01S
Dek1 Ds-4 01S
Cp-1419 Ds-1 02S
Cp-76B Ds-1 07L
Cp-76B Ds-2 07L
Dek13 Ds-1 09L
Dek13 Ds-2 09L
Oy Ds-1 10S
oy-m1 10S
oy-m2 10S
oy-m3 10S
Pr Ds-1 05L
Pro Ds-1 08L
Vp9 Ds-1 07S
W3 Ds-1 02L

It is not possible at this time to verify all the entries listed. Some have peculiar behavior, which complicates their analysis and prevents proper verification.

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