id mutants from EMS treatment

--M. G. Neuffer and M. T. Chang1

1Garst/ICI Seeds, Slater, IA

Two recessive mutants with indeterminate growth habit have been found in the M2 from treatment of pollen with EMS. The first, found in a B73 M2 (produced by Ming-Tang Chang), failed to flower in long days of the summer field and continued to produce leaves until #32, when shorter days induced flowering. The plants resemble those of id1, described by Galinat & Naylor (Amer. J. Bot. 38:38, 1951), including the presence of plantlets with roots and many small ears in the base of the tassel. Since this mutant may be an allele of id1, we have assigned a lab designation of id*-A972.

The second mutant is a small dwarf-like type which produces leaves at the same rate as its normal sibs even though in early growth it is less than 1/4 normal height. As the N sibs mature at 17 leaves and dry down for harvest the mutants continue to produce new leaves and remain green. At 60 days from planting the mutants had 29-31 leaves, were 3/4 of their sibs' height, and still had no tassel. We have not been able to induce flowering by planting in Hawaii or to date with 10-hour short days. We have assigned this mutant a lab designation of indeterminate dwarf idd*-2286.

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