Two-point linkage data for brn1 to cr1 on 3S

--Philip S. Stinard

We report the results of a two-point linkage test for brn1 to cr1 in Table 1. The test was set up as a modified back cross. Plants were scored for crinkly at the time of shedding, and brn1 was scored on the ears of selfed plants. The percent recombination (6.7 ± 1.1) is consistent with the linkage data for brn1 with respect to g2 (15.8 ± 2.0), d1 (19.7 ± 1.6), ra2 (26.7 ± 2.0), cl1 (35.8 ± 2.3), and Lg3 (39.6 ± 2.4) reported in MNL 61:6 and MNL 62:17, and would place brn1 7 cM distal to cr1 on 3S. Using the 1988 linkage map as a guide, we propose the following placement of brn1 on chromosome 3:


0                14         19           26             35              44        49                60        65

Table 1. Linkage data for brn1 to cr1.

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